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***trigger**** apologise

Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

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***trigger**** apologise

Postby jhp » Sun Dec 25, 2022 5:42 pm

Dear fellow sufferers,
I greet you humbly from rural Western Africa.
Please forgive me for typing these horrible words. I truly, sincerely, hope they are not hurtful, they are merely my pain. Moderators, I acknowledge you, and respectfully apologise to you if I do wrong here - I guess you shall just delete these foul words, but for pity sake, spare me just a moment of pity as you do so please? For I have nowhere else to speak my pain. I live in a small town in Africa, there's no free suicide service or counselor to call here. And no high-tech medical care either. Here, in this village, someone who says such things is outcast as mad.
I only type this because there's literally no-one else to tell how badly I need to die, and oh dear deceased mother, it's so bad, and I can tell no single person. My family are at their festive party. I'm sitting here supposedly 'at work' alone, agonising, aching, begging, to die. A few years back the pain in my mind grew so bad *mod edit*. The Police came, drove me to the local clinic. I lied and told the doctors I fell onto a fence stake. Had I told the truth, I would have been jailed. They believed me.. it was very painful, the long drive to hospital, I nearly died. Now I sit again, *mod edit*. The gate is locked, dogs have food and water.. no one will be endangered..I want no harm to any person but myself, and my soul is burning..how useless, worthless, pathetic a waste of life I am. Deeply ashamed. Why were we given life, we who suffer so badly to live it..my Ancestors must truly despise me - to them also, please forgive me?
Again, I apologise respectfully to anyone my words might offend, and send warm greetings from Africa. Thank you
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Re: ***trigger**** apologise

Postby Snaga » Mon Dec 26, 2022 1:34 am

Please respond to this and let us know how you are doing. Go to the nearest hospital, if you need to, okay? You don't have to feel these urges unassisted and alone.

In accordance with our policy, this thread is locked- please post in the Crisis Thread or the How Are You Feeling thread in this forum and please let us know how you're doing, thanks!
We do not delete posts.
Please do read the Forum Rules
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