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Cancer Can End Your Depression

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Cancer Can End Your Depression

Postby JusticeXI » Sat May 28, 2022 1:42 pm

Fears of recurrence? No Fear here....

Disabling depression why would Cancer do that? until your faced with the reality you can't even imagine what its like.

Anxiety, trauma, and panic are all going away. So what changed for me?

Well i've been feeling like killing myself in the last year to end all this pain i'm suffering not only mental but physical. I feel like my wishes have manifested. In the past year or so I have been under extreme stress of a recurrence from metastasized Cancer. No one wants to listen and always minimizing without facing the reality. Do they relay understand what metastasized cancer is?

Now that my little friend the Tumor has surfaced for the second time on my right side of my neck. Will this be aggressive or in an advance stage? I actually don't care and for some reason I feel a sense of calm and sick as it may seem i'm happy.

This just confirms how close to death I need to be at to make it all go away. I'm not quitting or giving up but just passing through into another realm of spirituality. Who wants to surfer with bi-polar and live in a world as evil as this one.

I know most people are trying to beat Cancer and I welcome it into my humble life if that whats society brings on. You must except death like anything else and that's what I have done. I have to make my mind decide if im willing to fight if I have the will and energy.

I know I'm different than others that's because I'm not from here and most of the time I'm on a different plane or between dimensions. I'm ascending so it a celebration not that I want it to end so early but i'm not in control of my density or do I have free will?

Either way I once again can slip between the cracks. No laws against the manifesting of Cancer is there? Or eating the garbage that's feeding our cancer from the Killer food manufactures? NOPE! So I can legally Kill myself. Perhaps I will feel so uplifted that I might decided to stay. I'm in control not them. This has been a message of HOPE and Faith because No mater what I do its already written in the books. No Free will here. Not insane but relieved. Praise the Lord for a safe passage of my sole.
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Re: Cancer Can End Your Depression

Postby Snaga » Sun May 29, 2022 4:05 pm

Moved to self-injury, since this seems to read as a deliberate act...?

I believe that when under extreme anxiety, sometimes a breaker in our head trips, especially if that fear is finally realised- as has the recurrence of the cancer. Are you confusing the lifting of your spirits due to the possible disspation of your anxiety, with an active desire to let it kill you?

I'm all for the idea of embracing that which has been feared and staring it in the eyes, but is this that? Or something more?
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Re: Cancer Can End Your Depression

Postby JusticeXI » Sat Jun 04, 2022 3:44 pm

I guess the real question will focus on a deliberate act. How would you define a deliberate act?
English Dictionary - If you do something that is deliberate, you planned or decided to do it beforehand, and so it happens on purpose rather than by chance.

Is manifestation a deliberate act? It is of the mind, body, and soul but not in your traditional sense. Its not like I'm pulling a trigger or driving my car off a cliff. Since I was told that my original cancer was caused by my own manifestation by my doctor and my family. This is not true. Visions are not manifested but we are privileged to have the ability to see what others can't by seeing the future or into the past.
So where does this vision come from? Its coming from an unknown source but the perception is more like a movie clip that flashes into your mind or could be a dream. That source is not in-bedded in our brains but we learn it for the first time as we are told or experience the vision. So this is clearly not a manifestation because it was not manufactured by our own conscious mind. You might say it came to us.

Now lets look closer at how one can achieve to manifest into reality. In my experience it happens when you release the thought after you plant the seed. This becomes a job for your unconscious mind but it wont happen by itself. So is it possible to develop or even exercise your unconscious mind? Yes with lots of practice and Patients. Patients is absolutely needed otherwise your energy will give off a negative effect. You need a clean mind after you plant the seed. That is because your conscious thoughts are flawed to the lower half of your soul. This half can't rise up to awaken because its grounded to the ways of planet earth. Its not possible for this half to ascend up for a higher form of thinking. That's because our conscious mind alone has head traffic.

Yes the dissipation of my anxiety will lift my depression which is needed to allow me to rise up to a higher consciousness where I can manifest myself back to normal health. That will only happen if I feel a need to fulfill a purpose in my life but not if I have to endure my health issues and live in pain day after day.

"With an active desire to let it kill you?"

Desire is commonly understood as a mental state in relation to which we are passive. Since it seems to arise in us spontaneously, without antecedent deliberation, it also seems to constitute a paradigmatic type of mental state which is not up to us.

What does it mean being passive?
Not reacting visibly to something that might be expected to produce manifestations of an emotion or feeling. not participating readily or actively; inactive: a passive member of a committee.

I don't believe that I can have the thought or idea of ending my life but somehow my manic mood swings are enough to question your own existence because your purpose has been strip away thus you feel the pain and lack a pleasurable life. The thought of releasing myself from bondage of pain and suffering can seem like a better choice or what choice do I have?

I'm in acceptance of life and death. I'm not worried even if I loose my life tomorrow. This means I'm prepared if something should happen. I'm OK with my God who has a plan for me that I might not be able to see. Either way I give Satan no authority over me. Even death itself wont do anything because I accept with each extra day I'm blessed. In the end I will try to be positive and thank God for every new day I get. I will use the power of a positive mind to stay grateful right to the very end. Now I we all need to keep the scale of Justice even.
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