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Uk pip face to face... Possibly going to cut infront of the

Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

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Uk pip face to face... Possibly going to cut infront of the

Postby TangledBrain » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:42 am

I have an up coming pip face to face with capita, I have had dealings with them in the past which beyond screwed me up mentally and it was only by the people supporting me I didn't kill myself or end up homeless as I lost most my benefits for 7 months until tribunal.

It's been two years since and I'm deeply affected and haven't really recovered from the trauma of it all. Now I have to prove myself again and no doubt they will call me a liar throughout again. I turned to very drastic measures last time and it is a fight for survival for me as I can't work.

I have AVPD and complex PTSD, despite this I can't act typical of my avpd in the face to face assessment after last time as I have nothing but contempt towards anyone who works for capita.

I'm worried as I do go in to fight or flight mode and can't choose flight in this case and will feel cornered. I'm impulsive if I feel threatened and after being called a liar for so long I know that I'm likely to start cutting in the middle of my face to face just to prove a point. I don't always act rationally and I'm concerned how aggressive I will become in the face to face.

I made death threats in my pip renewel form if I ever saw the woman who did my previous face to face again.

From everything I have read it's near impossible to avoid a face to face assessment and it not end up going severely against your cases outcome. But at the same time knowing the extremes I will make myself go to to try stop my worst fear happening again.

Sorry you get the jist, the more I think about it the less my brain sees things in a stable manner.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Re: Uk pip face to face... Possibly going to cut infront of the

Postby Snaga » Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:46 pm

Just don't do it.....

How are you feeling, now?

Life is short- make of it what you can, while you can.

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