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Advice? (self harm warning)

Open discussions about Cutting and Self Injury. This forum may be triggering.

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Advice? (self harm warning)

Postby girl1234765 » Sun May 06, 2018 2:57 pm

Looking for advice on self harm and how to cope and recover in a healthy way: WARNING, THIS COULD BE TRIGGERING TO SOME!!

Hi there. I'm a teenage girl. You can call me Bea. My story started long ago, but right now this is the main part. I've grown some... unhealthy addictions. Not only do I cut, but my ways are... By actually cutting off some of my skin. It soothes the pain... By replacing it with another pain. And once that short amount of pain fades, i just feel... Empty. I feel like air. But the feeling the cuts give me is strange- It's not a bad feelings: It's like an itch, I want to scratch it. It hurts, but it doesn't hurt.

Someone, please, help me. I need advice. I need to get out of this vicious cycle: I want to become someone healthy and happy. Is there any advice you have on how I can stop this?
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Re: Advice? (self harm warning)

Postby jaus tail » Tue May 08, 2018 7:01 am

My friend suggested an alternative to Cutting. That i Hold ice in my palms. That causes no damage n helps.
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