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Society is the largest cult in the world

Open Discussions About Cult Abuse and Mind Control or Manipulation.

Society is the largest cult in the world

Postby NotMyUsualUserName » Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:45 am

I was just thinking about this earlier today, and decided that I would post.

Society is nothing but a giant cult. And we are all victims of it's abuse.
We are told to act a certain way, perform in a certain way and live in a certain way.
chuck palahniuk has perfectly shown the result of society's abuse.

In fight club, which most people have seen and the reason why i chose it, you go from a guy who has been assimilated into the culture, and is, essentially, a corporate whore, as we all are.
He then goes on to split his personalities because one side cannot escape society, and the other is the exact opposite and is the dangerous side of society's rebels.

But of course, for a proper example, we must turn to real life.
As generations have gone on, young adults have increasingly turned towards drugs as a way to escape. (young adults drink more as a whole than they did 30 years ago)
But of course, society has prevailed again, and by saying that alcohol is not a drug, we are not doing anything wrong by turning towards drugs. But we really are, because turning to alcohol, even if it is "socially" acceptable, we are still looking for a way out.

The funny thing is that most of the drugs used to feel something besides the redundant day in/day out-ness are depressants, that make us feel even less. Now what does that tell us about society. We are all trying to feel something, but all we really do is escape through feeling nothing. That says a lot about what society has done to us.

Other people escape through watching TV or computer games, which again, are really drugs. It is a means of escaping the constant boringness of life.

I am an example. Both as a victim, and as someone who has been assimilated.
I have worked the system very well, I smell, taste, act, behave as society has told me to, and then some, just to get where I want to go, but I've also learned to break the rules when necessary, because everyone is a victim, and there are certain victims that you can talk about it with, because they are not as assimilated as some.

And yes, I am a victim of it all. I feel nothing from the constant, un-changing, day in/day out boringness that society has brought upon us all.

To feel something, I have taken a few benzodiazeprines (perfectly acceptable because they are of the most prescribed medication as everyone feels anxiety, but no one wants to) and alcohol (another perfectly acceptable drug). Hopefully through feeling nothing, I will get a break of the boring.

To conclude this nonsensical post, we are all victims of a cult, and the leaders are not religion, they are not political (although they could be), the leaders are the corporate sector selling us $#%^ in a box and rising the price on it.
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Re: Society is the largest cult in the world

Postby jims » Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:27 pm

Than you for the interesting post. You make some good insights. However, I do not agree that sociaty is a cult. I escaped with a a number of the things you listed: alcohol, drugs, TV, etc. I had to go to 12-step programs to stay alive. Today, I see that one can easily fall into a boring, tedious existance. While I go along with many of the rules and conventions of society, I do spend part of each day on things that I love to do. It takes some discipline and work to find our dreams and work on them; it's far easier to just sit in front of the tube and have a beer. I have hobbies that I love, but I do undrstand that I have to work for what I want. The years can just flow along until you are a decade older and have not done anything that you wanted to do.
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Re: Society is the largest cult in the world

Postby HesDeltanCaptain » Sun May 26, 2013 7:55 pm

Would say Christianity is. Christianity can be disproven easily enough: the whole of it hinges on whether Jesus was the Jewish Messiah or not. What the Messiah will do (thus how he'll be recognized) is all layed out in the Tanach. Yet when we look at Jesus' life and accomplishments, he didn't do a single thing the Messiah is to do. Christians invented the Second Coming to fix this problem claiming he'll do it all then, unfortunately there's nothing about a Second Coming in the very texts that gave us the notion of a Messiah to begin with. And added them later via NT or subsequent texts is basically just past-posting (old con of betting on races that have already been decided.) So if Jesus didn't fulfill any of the Messianic qualifications he wasn't the Messiah and the entire Christian religion falls apart.
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