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mind control cult that uses a drug

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mind control cult that uses a drug

Postby hummingbird1144 » Wed Jun 17, 2009 6:09 pm

a medication drug that a cult used on myself caused cartoon characters and hallucinations to be seen within my mind and I was totally unaware of my surroundings and woke up in the morning without my clothing on. The man who drugged me belongs to a cult that he claimed is of a *Edited* mind control cult. Three years later a woman told me she had the same drug used on her and that a church in *Edited* trapped her inside their church and raped her in the church. She said they locked the doors of the church and raped her. She also said they had drugged her on a different occassion with the drug that causes cartoon characters to be seen in the mind and causes no awareness of surroundings which is what they use to cause people to be unaware of them performing sexual acts on their victims. There are their friends that try to date the victims and they do try to bring them into sex orgies that they say they are planning at a camping trip. If the person refuses to participate they are drugged with that drug and unaware of who is having sex with them and in the morning they only recall the memories of those cartoon characters seen in their mind. So I wanted to let people know of this to hopefully prevent others from falling into that trap. I refused to go to those camping trips so I am glad that I didn't attend those camping trips. It took years to stop them from stalking me and trying to pull me into workshops and meetings again. So I had heard that the *Edited* cult was run out of *Edited* because of the sex orgies and it was the man that drugged me that said he is from the group of *Edited* followers that moved to *Edited* and formed a group and tithe to a church in *Edited* and set up meetings when a person is going to be taken to their meetings. So it is lucky that I did get out after one and one half months or I would have been a victim and it would have been more difficult to survive it all. They tried to take me to a large camping trip up in *Edited* where he said people from all over North America would be meeting so they are a very large group spread out in many areas and gather together when they have new people to try to get them to join. They use a mind control method and they deny having done things so the victim has no evidence and no witnesses.
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Re: mind control cult that uses a drug

Postby Chucky » Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:23 pm


I had to edit some parts of your post. Please PM me and I will be happy to explain why; and I will inform you of the bet action to take from this case.

Take care,
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