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Call backs, cues, gangstalking after many years escape.

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Call backs, cues, gangstalking after many years escape.

Postby complicated87 » Fri Oct 09, 2020 9:30 pm

So I have unfortunately had to learn to be leery of people wanting to be my friend. Thank goodness I have someone in my life I trust...but who is mostly clueless to how this ra/mc stuff works.....tho I have spotted bits of programming signs in him. We helped one another escape different groups and deprogrammed as much as possible before we even knew what we were doing. It took him a little longer....but my story is MUCH more intense and organized at least we both feel at this point.

I get random phone calls from random numbers and I usually have a feeling when it's "them." I don't recognize the voice but through the years I didnt know I was programmed I just shrugged off the odd calls or tones and went about my business and sometimes was extremely triggered into behavior patterns that were distressing but had no idea.

Now when I get these calls it has been the same ODD question....and then they speak some very strange language to me.

I panicked the first few times after thinking it was a prank call but then realizing the phrase was exactly the same. Well, the next time I answered on speaker because I had that guttural feeling it was them and my partner was there as a witness. At first again I thought oh a prank call (so annoying I dismiss my gut) and laughed until they said the same question and started the language I just spouted off a few choice words I'm not particularly proud of but felt it was progress because it was like getting to tell all of them at once to get you know what-ed.....but then I was ashamed.

They called back immediately like they do and repeated the phrases and a few more triggering things that made me sob (double binds they brought up) and my partner started telling them how Jesus was King and they needed to repent and that no matter what they were doing to this particular guy there could be forgiveness but he needed to repent. Immediately they didnt like that and tried to get off the phone but they kept talking. I got the feeling this was either a programming twin or someone close to my age who is still fully controlled....but who knows.

I'm afraid they want me back for a sacrifice as I was always treated worse than a family pet. I had no rights to my mind or body and was treated however they deemed fit.

They pay and always get my new numbers and call from untraceable. (Like 5555555). They send me letters when I move just to let me know I can't hide.

Some is EX-family as I don't consider them family ever again and some is just those in the syndicate.
I'll just say I was used for pictures a lot as a baby and child.

I'm not sure how I should handle the calls. Sometimes I feel like answering and just logging what is said right away is my best defense to see what they are trying to orchestrate.

I know some of my programs.

I just refuse to live in fear anymore!!

-- Fri Oct 09, 2020 3:38 pm --

I would also like to add they "let" us come to Christ as tiny children as long as we stayed within the 'church' beliefs and never questioned anything....then severe and extreme religious guilt was placed on us....but none of them actually believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet on the familial front MUST be 'good-"Christians" and MUST be upstanding in the community for any power type position otherwise you're demoted to basic thuggery. Any prestigious placement hinges on the ability to look super above-board and completely isolate the two lives being lived. (One above and one below.)

I add this to explain grasping my salvation and ditching the guilt of my "SINS" - the many forced upon me by adult hands was major in gaining my mental freedom (at least the beginning of it!) And it made the caller squirm to be witnessed to where my uncharacteristic cursing at them seemed to give them major satisfaction and spurred them on.
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