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Study of Cults

Postby Team78 » Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:16 pm

It's funny how cults take advantage of people and environments to not get acknowledged. The indoctrination of fear to instill in people once they know about the cult can heal and turn from it's repercussions. What next for cults how else can they exert control, so that their jealous sport agenda can be served? How can we collective divert their influence in a different direction or altogether get it stop? How can we not share we don't have a expert to even know what is correct or would even offer and correct if not correct? This makes my current therapist experience and all of the former therapist. The need to share the need to be understood the environment why people do what they do. Why is internal communication fostered and the past/current simulated for the current to laugh or remind you? Who is going to listen who even needs to know ad nauseam. Cults thrive on the gory sensitization of Hollywood treatment hospitalization notes and because we know all. How is that emotional abuse personified going to serve in the long run what is repercussion to the mind/brain spirit? Semantics will always be an issue how will we disseminate the info the clutter to live a some what normal more healed life with having the same stigma of people like myself or worse off. Cults make it extremely difficult to galvanize those similar and I just wanna hate that they are my enemy without even knowing what they are susceptible to. Well, once an isolate always will be one. The bullying of those with only aspects of the story haven't been shared the experiences yet that. Cults pray on those that just wanted answers got them and want to know why are their still exerting control. The trick of the enemy will not allow just odd ball conversations with anyone no matter if the targeted individual know what is happening. I can't change their convo quiet them, if we don't even work together! Yes, I can past judgement and I often do. They can't know everything sexually all of social or occupational decision who wants to know that anyway. I have yet to meet anyone that is happy for me due to mental illness and how it got to be that way. Who is this external being that will pick up all subjects of the timeline externally what make it's different the next interactions with people. I wouldn't want someone keeping track of the future or the daily I also don't want people oddly reminding me of the past whom we've yet to meet. Our sanctimonious place in our minds should just be that only with wisdom and sound judgement should it be shared with experts let alone the populace only other is social security disability.

Therapist are receptive to what we learned and are sharing they are not telling us no we only work on this stuff in therapy nothing from the research. Who keeps knowing, I deprogram often unless already planned any decision to go in a different directions is the escape its thrones the systemic evil of people that hated on me couldn't believe in me that was too fast and curious not to wait. I hate that we even got involved. They were never friends that isn't how you friend someone placing their lives in the hands of social media to determine in the beginning what happens during sex and dissociating starts with watching yourself from the outside in a convo that got to alters. There is no need to train that will get you gone off one, they didn't need to know who abused and how no one was going to take their dx's from them she wasn't my family. There is a dialouge that coincides with where I've just been inside externally and not far away another coincides to remind of that there is something wrong with that on the constant let alone if there is a one on one group conversation with people they don't need to know what we know we are still mulling how this is a church not even equipped for that. Why is he trying to prompting more switches of the dialouge he is not privvy too but by schemas / innuendo's and he the group is. All's I gotta do is stop you just cued to many causes us headache the mix mash of data and memory's wrong information exhaustion too open inside almost like a hynoptic effect causes tears and unraveling anger loads of ptsd and shy away from all conversations at that point! Wait i know he isn't the group isn't the bad guy they are being used by the cult mind controllers gangstalkers. They are humiliating the researchers you are inside the tracking method this is too much to speak it is the speed talker of get all of it out. Dr Argie Allen said we gotta get all of the voices of someone out speaking don't use a director of clinical training that's not safe you gotta skip some of it no one wants to hear all of that. The auto pilot too much got shared only to ask me who all it was from the passive influence and switches they we can't even track ourselves for someone to say no to talk to an alter not even qualified to do so properly. Bring up dialouge only to do our own disseminating on what can get shared what is relevant we have to not want to share it all run the risk of looking like psychotic display of mush of data without a rhythm or reason to what your goal and or outline is for the essay in session.
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