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Open Discussions About Cult Abuse and Mind Control or Manipulation.

Postby NathanY » Thu Oct 11, 2007 1:27 am

I don't believe there is a wrong or right in just believing in irrational things. Ultimately however there is logic, fact and rationism. If one is to believe in that which they cannot prove then it is not wrong as in immoral but simply illogicaly deduced.

Many happenings of mental illnesses can stim from but not ultimately originate necessarily from delusions thought to be certain.

Such as:

a) I'm being watched.
b) Aliens exist and talk to the government and influence the government.
c) I talk to ghosts and the dead.
d) God told me to harm someone.

Seeming these cannot be deduced as any sort of fact of certainty, it is therefor deemed delusion. Yet many do believe in such things which for part of the spectrum of beliefs depending upon typlogy with concern to a stabilized norm are deemed rational. Once one drifts outside of the normal spectrum of beliefs even if one polarity of rationalism deems a typical norm irrational he or she is deemed irrational by even that which is similar.
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Re: Alien-Ufology Social Cults

Postby HesDeltanCaptain » Mon May 27, 2013 7:20 pm

Belief in UFOs isn't pathological since UFOs really exist. In that some sighting are of unidentified things. Whether they're alien or not is the question everyone's trying to figure out. But while I don't think aliens are visiting us (since we're still here...heh) I absolutely believe since we exist, that given the size of the universe it's a forgone conclusion other intelligent technologically developed beings exist elsewhere.

The sad fact though is because of the universe's speed limit of c, traversing interstellar distances simply isn't practical. And means of avoiding the problem as with wormholes and warp drives, aren't practical. To say nothing of, if limited to normal space and going really fast, inevitable impacts with particles of gas and dust would destroy a hypervelocity ship like being hit by a h-bomb.

What I think's going on with UFOs is simply US government projects and intelligence operations perpetuating the UFO/alien thing as cover. If you can convince your enemies or potential enemies aliens are real and have crashed and your government has their ship, personnel, or technology, the fear that generates would be invaluable. Hence the seemingly sloppy, intermittent disseminations of government UFO 'facts' and claims of cover-ups. Easy to keep a secret as big as aliens have visited and we're working with them, just threaten to gruesomly murder whoever talks along with their entire family tree. An individual is often willing to be a martyr, but add in their entire family tree and they tend to stay silent. Thus, supposed government whistle-blowers every now and then are more likely by design, than unintended.

Given the confirmation of past military aircraft like the F-117 and B2, some 20 years will elapse before deployed aircraft are finally confirmed publicly. The true state-of-the-art is always classified so when apparent alien UFOs are observed doing things 'we can't do' it's mre likely that's simply what we in fact CAN do. We just don't hear about for a couple decades until the next gen is being researched.

Missiles usable udnerwater seems impossible, but because of cavitation it's not. Anything physics doesn't forbid is possible and given unlimited resources of governments probably being worked on. Silent, instant acceleration aircraft people assume must be alien aren't. Unless aliens who wish to keep their presence covert forgot about not making their covert aircraft have lights all over them (as human craft do.) :)
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