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How Positive Affirmations WORK For Me.

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How Positive Affirmations WORK For Me.

Postby reinvent » Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:34 am

I think there is a general misconception about the use of affirmations in much the same way hypnosis is often misunderstood. Hypnosis is “not” a battle of wills yet when it comes to such a demonstrations, many people will claim that they can not be hypnotised. Stage performances of having people quack and doing all sorts of weird things has no doubt lead to such misconceptions of what hypnosis really is. For me, “New Age” concepts and likewise “Movements” have warped my perception of what affirmations are and how they really work.

I think these misconceptions are derived from a persons bias as well as that of other groups; especially those with opposing views. I know this has certainly been this case with myself. I have struggled and still do when it comes to issues of “control.”

I was brainwashed heavily as a child by a fanatical group that used affirmations from a revered book. Every Sunday, and with meetings in between did we kids recite over and over words that were meant to rewire our brains into something other than what they already were. I got to say, it's was so effective, it's take me a life time to unlearn and I had no idea what or how such methods worked. Alas – once I was rejected for the notion of thinking for myself, I soon found myself looking into groups but quickly turned off once claims were being made.

“Hmmmmm Affirmations - what that all about, sound like brainwashing to me!” Arrr The Secret – Of course Prosperity Doctrine sold as something else. The quick and easy way to success. Now that's a market for the masses. Look at all those sheep. … and on and on my thoughts would go. I was still recoiling from rejection and suffering a number of issues whilst attempting to find reason with all that was on offer in the world.

There is NO short answer, there is no quick fix. Whilst effective in varying circumstances, not even medication can do that. Although such pacification adds to current attitudes that require a band aid for every little scratch. Just my own perspective - my own affirmation if you will.

It was not until I came off the meds, and adopted other avenues did I come to see what lay within the methods of what some people preached. Thing was, and is … I can't stand clinical interrogation or even a mild trip to the GP. But that is slowly changing. I'm starting to get a grip on the term POSITIVE. Since doing that, my outlook is a changing for the better. BETTER – yet another term that's been quite the bane for me.

It's just so easy to remain negative and wallow on how things don't work and or how they should be. Everyone is quick to jump on the band wagon when commiserating like so. Sign me up, I'll take one of those prescription please. But even now as I type, I acknowledge my own reasoning as somewhat “resistant” - So comes the question - “WHAT DO “I” REALLY WANT.” - Then other questions follow … “Am I really helping myself thinking like this?” “So what works as opposed to not?” “Do I want to get better?” “YES I DO!!!”

“Hang on a sec … what is this voice in my head?” O Oh … better not tell the doc about that. “Maybe there is something to knocking these negative thoughts on the head?” “This better not be about rainbows and unicorns … WOE _ Catch That Crap, your doing it again … think about what works and just ride with that”

So my thoughts are still churning, but I'm feeling more hopeful as I begin to focus less on why things were or even they way they be. I'm a little conflicted with thinking into the future having read some of TOLLE, but then realise is not as simple as that, as it's really the shift in focus that sets new intent, which defines more the reality of what affirmations and likewise methods really mean to me and how they can work as effective tools in helping me heal from otherwise unnecessary pain.

I've gone on quite a bit – but it's all in the learning. This whole post is actually an affirmation to me. In it I made many and again, its the shift from negative imprinting to positive visions of what I really want to be. The whole thing with Past, Present and Future – that too can not really be defined for another except only ever felt to be understood.

I heard somewhere that affirmations can be likened to sign posts – They are a great tool, but once the destination is reached, the method in question is of little consequence. For me, I'll more than likely write myself up or find another sign post. Perhaps one on another path and work with that, whilst at the same time, enjoy visualising the destination before it's even reached. Now this is where the power of intent, the magic of motivation and the benefits of suggestion come into place.

Now that's another story and rather relevant to how I have come to see, just how affirmations work for me. I now care less for those things that do not work, but more for those that do. :)
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