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Help coping after daughter physically abused

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Help coping after daughter physically abused

Postby clynnt » Mon May 14, 2018 4:51 pm

I have awful anxiety and depression. I've just recently gotten back in control of things, and then, of course...

Divorced my husband after last year he flipped the hell out and tried to kill my dog. I spent 6 years with him simply because I felt I was better off suffering with him and knowing my children are safe than divorcing him and having to hand over my children to him every other weekend. He's a naricisstic drug abuser and can't even be responsible for himself let alone young children.

I was finally getting used to the arrangements, when my children were returned to me last Sunday and my 2 year old was sporting a hand-print bruise on her thigh. I spent all of last week trying to gain emergency custody of them/strip his visitation/get things together with my attorney/work/etc.

The anxiety has been eating me alive, and is getting worse. I went from just having the general worries about what he's going to do after this point forward (kick down my door and kill my mother/daughter {he knows the 2 year old is in my mother's care during the day}), go pick up my daughter from school/hurt her, etc etc. As the worries get worse they get more 'graphic' (I'm no stranger to intrusive thoughts.)

As the anxiety has worsened I think it's triggered a depressive episode as well. I have started feeling angry, hopeless, as though I can't do anything right, etc...

I know I need therapy. I've had therapy in the past and it was very helpful. However, I can't miss any more time from work, let alone afford the copays and such right now. I was wanting to see if there's any advice anyone could share with me, or maybe any books or what not that might be specific to 'obsessive worry over children' that could be helpful. I know I've got to get this under control before it runs off with me entirely.

Thanks in advance
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