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Coping mechanisms for violent impulses?

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Coping mechanisms for violent impulses?

Postby prowl » Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:40 am

Hello, long time listener first time writer.

I was wondering if there was a reputable resource for coping mechanisms regarding violent impulses, and the aftermath of trying. At the moment the most I do is bury them down until I snap. Though the thoughts never go away and have been increasing in intensity and reactions the more I've just ignored the impulses and stopped myself from acting on them.

I'm not in therapy at the moment and my last therapist believed that my impulses weren't an issue bcause I can stop myself from physically acting on them at the sake of my health, even if I end up snapping and spiraling later due to it.

Any tips/links/words woupd be appreciated.

I won't describe them in detail here but will be willing to talk one-on-one. Thank you for your time.
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