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COMET / Competitive Memory Training

Postby winter16 » Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:40 am

Hello :)

A quick introduction about me:
I've been dealing with self-esteem/self love issues latley. Better said realised that I've been having this type of "problem" since childhood. I've been studying for the last 5 years and I'm about to finish my master thesis but at the same time also working - so it can get a bit stressful now and then. The self-esteem issue has actually aleviated alot in the those last 5 years, particularly in the last year until now and hopefully also further. I would browse the internet and try things out like IFS-, Ego-State Therapy-, Tapping (all self help books), or mirror talk, recording myself on video and watching it afterwards, meditation and since a few weeks breathing deeply and slowly (deep breathing=which has been very helpful coping with nervousness!). So I basically get information from the internet and try things out (as long as they are not dangerous) and look if or how they work. I think my self esteem/self acceptance has improved, and it feels nice but nevertheless I think could do more since there are still a few situations that trigger insecurity which per se is something I know I can't prevent but of course handle. The problem is the feelings activated (feeling worthless for example) are hard to manage - and I kind of lose connection to myself and therefore it's hard to "give" myself acceptance or comfort. 3 Years ago a lot situations I encounter myself now in my daily live would have caused these imense emotions as well, but luckily they have declined, or it's very easy to calm myself and just think "it's ok - I'm a nice guy - (and sometimes laugh about it)".

Now my question:

Recently I read something about "COMET / Competitive Memory Training" which is some type of protocol which challenges negative beliefes with positive ones which according to a few studies might be good for self-esteem issues. Interessetingly I have only found studies so far for this type of treatment/protocol and only 3 dutch books on amazon which deal with that protocol. (I don't speak dutch^^) Has anybody ever heard about that - or has insight on the manual? In the studies they shortly mention that it works with imagenery practice and I was curious if somebody has experience or information how this imagenery practice looks a like.

I'm not pretty sure If I have chosen the right forum, but the topic self-esteem seems to fit into a lot of the categories at the top of the page. Sorry if it's the wrong one - maybe a moderator could shift it into the correct one :)
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