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advice to pure OCD sufferers

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advice to pure OCD sufferers

Postby Saigal » Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:43 am

I liked this advice given by Mat8787 in the OCD Forum.

I assume you have OCD pertaining to pedophilia correct? If you really were a pedophile it wouldn't give you anxiety whether or not a girl on pornhub looked underage or not. In reality, the very fact that you're getting scared and worried that the girls on ads on pornhub look underage is more than enough proof that you're definitely not a pedophile. The dissonance it causes you is proof that you're not a pedophile. Pure OCD hijacks your logical thinking process with numerous OCD worries and thoughts. What I recommend is to think these 2 statements and then choose one as a mental test every time you have a POCD thought:
1. I am a pedophile
2. I am not a pedophile because I hate these thoughts therefore I'm not
By choosing #2 every time you have an OCD thought you are reasserting your rational mind over your OCD mind, I used this exact method when treating my TOCD and I saw immediate improvement from my OCD.
I also recommend meditation using the Insight Timer app which you can download on your phone and search for the guided meditation "Essential Qualities of Meditative Breath". Using this guided meditation and perfecting it I was able to kill my TOCD and it has never come back since. I survived OCD, and even though it comes back here and then I'm able to kill it with the methods I just described. Keep on fighting
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