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Campaign for FND/Conversion sufferers

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Campaign for FND/Conversion sufferers

Postby NH2 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:53 pm

An amazing American lady has set up a website www.fndhope.org and some of us brits are joining her. We aim to put together details about the current situation with Conversion/functional disorders in our respective countries and around the world, we aim to discover whats is working for some in terms of treatment, we aim to try and discover better statistics about this condition, we want to discover who the neurologists are who are looking into this condition and what they are researching. We want to bring hope and support to sufferers, become a one stop shop of information and eventually hopefully develop some form of fundraising for a condition about which little is still medically proven.
If you have a tale to tell, information you can provide, things you have discovered please post here or PM me
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