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How to talk to professional about it?>

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How to talk to professional about it?>

Postby poeticprincess88 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:40 am

In 2009 a doctor on the nuerology floor told me that he thought I had conversion disorder. He said it didn't make since to diagnose it as TIA's when all the test results were normal even though my symptoms mimicked a stroke. There were times i had weakness on one side or had paralyses or vision problems and headaches.

He was the only doctor that thought of that but it was never pursued any farther. my new doctor doesn't believe in Conversion disorder but I know it's a real diagnosis. I printed out some information to take to my next doctor's appointment.

I was wondering how do you present such a thing like this to a new doctor especially if they don't believe it to be a diagnosis.

The first time it happened was in 2006 when i got baptized, then after that it happened more frequently.. one time the paralyze lasted 7 weeks. went through lots of physical and occupational therapy. it was horrible.
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Re: How to talk to professional about it?>

Postby jasmin » Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:43 pm

Hi, poeticprincess88! If he doesn't believe in this illness, maybe you could look for a new doctor.
I mean, if he still seems unconvinced, it's not your job to convince him or get him to take it seriously.
You could present the articles you found and then take it point by point and explain why your case is like that and how you fit the diagnosis criteria. It's the best you could do really.
I am sorry I am not on the forum as much as I used to be, if I do not reply to you quickly, please contact another moderator/supermod/admin as well.
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Re: How to talk to professional about it?>

Postby Convertthis » Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:27 am

Dear poetprincess88,

The best thing to do is ask the doctor for a referral to see a psychiatrist to rule out Conversion Disorder. If the psychiatrist makes a diagnosis of Conversion Disorder, that finding is sent to the referring doctor and then treatment can be arranged through a referral from the psychiatrist to a psycho-therapist. If the psychiatrist is convinced it's not CD, then back to the med. doctor for more tests. http://convertthis.wordpress.com
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