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Me, blogging and my brain

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Me, blogging and my brain

Postby Sophiebrain » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:38 pm


I’m Sophie, 28 years old and from the North of the Netherlands. I live here with my dog Casper at edge of a small town. Maybe it is a quiet life, but definitely not normal...

I had great plans, hopes and ideas for the future a couple of years ago. But it all went the other way when I got sick at the end of 2005. In a half-year I developed all kinds of neurological problems. My body didn’t do what I wanted any more.

Now 5,5 year later it still doesn’t do what I want and it’s getting worse.

I have problems with controlling my muscles, I have spasms, tremors and cramps. This leads to pain, being very tired and thing like having troubles reading. It's like having a short-circuit in your brain. I’m super sensitive of sounds, light, movement and touch. The doctors can't find a real answer for my problems. Diagnoses; Conversion Disorder, Functional Neurological Movement Disorder of just We-Don't-Know.

But in the meanwhile I’m just the same as any other person, with the same kind of feelings, dreams and faults. Something is wrong in my brain but I’m not crazy.
(Sometimes a bit weird and philosophical, but that’s just me!)

So why not share the things I do, think about and feel. Maybe I can meet other people this way with the same kind of problems or other interesting life stories.

So I started a Blog: www.sophiebrain.wordpress.com

I will try to write in English, but it is my second language. That is why I hope you will excuse me for my spelling and grammatical errors.

Bye for now, Sophie

By the way; Sophie is not my real name, just as some other names in my blogs. This is because of privacy reasons. But my life and stories are real.
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