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i have conversion disorder do u have sme of the same symptom

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i have conversion disorder do u have sme of the same symptom

Postby lilpeanut1807 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:04 am

hello all I was diagnosed with conversion disorder September of 2010. i have had all the same symptoms as i do now tho for 2 1/2 years. The right side of my body is exstremly weak. my right leg is numb and my right foot has a severe contracture. I have some weakness on the left side but it is not nearly as bad as the right. I am confined to a wheelchair or crawling with style lol I can not walk anymore. i have seziers and mni strokes that they say are all related to the converstion disorder. i have seen many doctors and non of them have been able to do anything for me. they can not even say if i will ever recover from this. does anyone have any simular symptoms or stories i just feel so alone.
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Re: i have conversion disorder do u have sme of the same symptom

Postby skymystic » Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:15 am

In January 2010 one night i started shaking all over. It would not stop. We went to the ER and they were busy so i continued to shake for hours. They finally gave me 1 mg of ativan,that did not work, they eventually gave me a total of 4 mg of ativan. I was able to stop shaking but was really groggy and could not remember very much. The next day I was at my chiro to get x-rays of my neck because i had fallen about 3 weeks earlier and thought maybe i was shaking becase i hurt my neck. While the chiro dr. was going over the x-ray with me i was so out of it and passed out. They called the ambulance and i ended up at the hospital. Day after day i would have shaking spells. It was so tiring! They did EEG's, Cat Scans, etc.... all normal. One day i could not walk properly. I needed a walker to assist me. The day of my discharge they mentioned in a casual sentence had i heard of Conversion Disorder. My husband was not present and i was ativan'd out of my mind. When my hubby came to pick me up he ask what the doctor had said. I really didn't remember to much of what the doctor said and luckily they let my hubby look at the doctor's notes or i would of went home thinking they didn't have a diganosis. A couple of days later my walking returned, but then my voice was very spastic. This got better in a couple of days. I continued to have several shaking spells a day. And sometimes when i would be standing up i would feel lightheaded and fall over. Then main medicine i was on was Ativan which helped my shaking. I was already on Zoloft for aniexty and depression. I talked to my main doctor and she was trying to tell me Conversion Disorder can happen when you don't deal with emotional things thru your life and then finally your body deals with it in physical ways. I still do not think 100% that is the only thing wrong. But once they give you every test in the book, they have to tell you something. Currently, I am in counseling, which is helping me to deal with my emotions. I have muscle pain every day and sometimes i had waves of electricity go through my body and i fell super weird. Some times i am not sad but i am overcome with emotion and starting crying hysterically. I am just taking it a day at a time. Glad there is a group that i can talk to about it.
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