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Terrible treatment by Doctors and Nurses

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Terrible treatment by Doctors and Nurses

Postby peko » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:47 pm

One time I went to the ER after having a non epileptic psychogenic seizure and was told to wait for a bed. At this time I didn't know that I had PNES and doctors were unable to distinguish it from epileptic seizures. I was quite distressed with what just happened and I think that was what strated off another fit. I started to shake uncontrollably and fell off my chair. The episode was short lasting. A nurse rushed over as soon as it stopped and dropped some liquid into eyes. I must have squinted or something or indicated to her that I was not having an epileptic fit that she stood over me and told me to stop pretending and to get up.

The neurologist I was seeing was pretty convinced that I did in fact have epilepsy and I had all the tests done to confirm whether I did and they all thankfully came back negative. He then had the nerve to ask me whether I was putting it on to get attention.

I've had several experiences where I've had nurses and ambulance people tell the people around me that I'm just faking it. They say this in front of me while I'm in a state where I can't speak or move.

I have spoken to my psychiatrist about this. He has quite a different opinion from these people and believe that my episodes aren't controlled by me.

Have any of you experienced bad treatment in regards to your conversion disorders? Do any of you have ways of dealing with these kind of people?
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Re: Terrible treatment by Doctors and Nurses

Postby jasmin » Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:44 pm

Peko, I don't have this disorder, but I know that professionals can suck. I can't imagine what it was like for you to be told that you were making it up. Is there any way that you could maybe show them proof that you're not faking it, like something given to you by your psych?
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Re: Terrible treatment by Doctors and Nurses

Postby ensorcel1 » Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:42 am

I totAlly understand your pain

In 2012 I started having what the neurologist deemed as psychoge ic nonepileptic seizures. They didn't involve convulsions. They were just "mind farts" I'd stare off into space and had a hard time understanding things or communicating. I accepted this and figured it was my body's way of communicating anxiety. Except they'd come on whenever they felt like it, with or without anything anxiety inducing, and wouldn't go away until I went to sleep. Eventually we discovered that 2mg of clonazepam worked as well.

They took me off my antipsychotic which was supposed to help with my depression. They figured I didn't need it any more. As soon as I was off of it the seizures stopped. That was in January of this year. The only time I had one was on June 10th 2015 when they did a lumbar puncture for meningitis and I almost passed out. But it was short lived and passed quickly. The only person who really believed me about these episodes I had (which I called "repeating") were my mother and my psychatrist.

Now I'm in the hospital with pain, parathesia, and severe weakness making it impossible to use my legs. They're calling it functional neurological movement disorder. They are treating me like $#%^ about it. Telling me its all in my head. They're calling in a psychatrist.

I've had no traumas in my life and haven't had any problems with depression or anxiety for two years. And now that I'm off the antipsychotic I haven't even had the seizures. Nothing could have triggered this.

But they're treating me like a nutjob even though they havent done any tests! So I understand how you feel. Just keep fighting. If you will so will I.
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