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Hi Im new and I have Conversion Disorder

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Re: Hi Im new and I have Conversion Disorder

Postby gabigoo » Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:57 pm

ha, yeah CD sucks.
I wish I could tell you when I was diagnosed..but at this moment I can't remember. I tend to block that part of my life out because it was so freaking bad! (right now it's better, but it likes to come & go)
Currently not seeing a psych or on meds..
I have Epilepsy.
So it's can confusing to tell a epileptic seizure from a non- epileptic seizure.
I wasn't able to walk for over year.. I still loose my legs ..
doesn't our brains love us?
I loose my voice every now and then.. I hate when that happens, but at least I finally shut up and others can stop having head aches from my annoying voice.
My gait loves to get fu cked up, the dizziness take over me a little too much. I tend to look like I'm completely drunk. Which you all w/ CD know what I'm talking about..
My body loves to get these fibro pains which is due to the CD, and when that happens.. I can't do $#%^ because I'm not able to move. Then, I get over emotional.. and think CD= fuc ked up gabi = death.
My anxiety is crazy due to CD.
headaches, can last for days.. which I always no then they are from the CD.
I do get the flu like symptoms too much.

But over all, thankfully I have Conversion Disorder and not dying of Cancer...
Personally, I've had Conversion Disorder for so long that if I didn't have all these problems with me.. I'd feel alone & just lost.
I've came to like them to a degree because they are a self defense mech, & just a coping mech.
I know that's a fuc ked up thing to say... but it's true.

By the way.. I'll try to read the book sometime Darryl..

sorry for all the psycho babble...

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Re: Hi Im new and I have Conversion Disorder

Postby hammy028 » Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:17 pm


im new to this forum,

i was diagnoised with conversion disorder in 2002 an are now 17, my conversion disorder today is quite different to what it was when i was first diagnoised with the disorder.

at first diagnoises i had moments where i would blank out for several hours possibly crawling around the floor aimlessly for hours as my parents have told me or just freezing and repeating the same phrase for hours, i had large anxiety issues which continues on to today. my anxiety issues have caused time off school, been in association with CAMHS and spent time at west end childrens unit in hessle hull which was a very stressful period of my life i would also make noises an scream out in public.

today it is mostly anxiety as i have stopped having these blank out moments. though i still struggle in crowds and large noisy enviroments i know this is a different style of conversion disorder an may seem not to match up with what is shown on parts of this site but i know conversion disorder is a wide and broad issue

anyway to the present day, the reason i joined this forums is last night i spent a night in hospital with breathing issues and asthma, the consultant told me this wasn't the case and was in fact my conversion disorder recurring so as the internet has enabled us to see other people with the same disorder i wanted to see for myself what my conversion disorder was after seeing the doctors notes



forgot to mention i am writing this from the UK and am a UK resident
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Re: Hi Im new and I have Conversion Disorder

Postby mkpl709 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:48 am

I live in the US!

I was diagnosed Oct 2009 with conversion disorder, when i was 18. I went through numerous physical tests all saying i was fine. Then was sent to do neurological testing, which came up as fine, so was then said to have Conversion disorder. I have been just dealing with it since then, and i wish i had known about this forum when it started.

I've done research about our disorder, and it is a very hard thing to diagnose. Our disorder is borderline physical and mental. There could be a physical underlying factor-say cancer, that is triggering our bodily "ticks", but is unfound, and therefore we are classified as Conversion. If you would like to know what the US says about Conversion, i suggest looking up the Mayo Clinic, they have a lot of information, and it's US based.

When i first got diagnosed, i thought "well great, so there's NEVER going to be a cure, because it's all in my stinking head, and i don't see anything wrong with my mentality". Now, i see Conversion as a result of humans becoming sad. Some people get mad and hit walls, some people get mad and cry, some people get sad and their body takes over... There is no real "cure" for Conversion, but the sooner you accept the fact that you cope with stresses differently than others, the sooner you can help yourself.

I am incredibly young, i know. I have also been living with Conversion for 3 yrs, and i feel happier than ever. :D
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Re: Hi Im new and I have Conversion Disorder

Postby mickiejay84 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:37 pm

Hello Mariehenderson007...!!

I'm new here as well..and experiencing similar symptoms! I've been suffering from non epileptic seizures since 2008..during my seizures I am not aware of anything and I'm very disoriented when I come too! It takes me a minute sometimes several minutes to remember certain things..all my eegs are normal as well.. I have not been able to retain a job..and simple daily house chores have became a hardship..I can't cook, do dishes or vacuum without falling down and having a seizure. IS THIS SOMETHING YOUVE EXPERIENCED AS WELL?? I know exactly what ur going through and how u feel!
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