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somatoform disorder? or not? please help

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somatoform disorder? or not? please help

Postby cloudtop » Thu Nov 15, 2007 7:49 pm

-please read this, you can really help me, perhaps-
Hello everybody, my name is lucas and I'm 22. Since I was 14 I've been experiencing a lot of apparently neurological symptoms, to which I've not been able to find any organical explanation, yet the truth is that the doctors I visited have only done perhaps half of what can be done to diagnose something like this, an because of that, I'll soon go to a more developed city in search for answers. The thing is, that before doing this I'd like to now if ALL the -ht line can increase when I perceive a bright light.
-I feel pain on my whole body, apparently specially at the muscles, and concentrated mostly on my hands and feet, this pains fluctuates in intensity over the day, and it does along with a sensation of increased temperature on my whole body and also fatigue. I could describe this three symptoms as being almost identical to a flu, and in fact, when they started, I though it was just that... This three symptoms seem to worsen as the day goes by, and when I wake ip, if i haven't sleep a lot of ours, lets say, 8 ours, I feel then at their maximum intensity.
-loss of sensitivity specially at the hands and feet, and even a complete loss of sensitivity at some very specifical parts of my body (i don't feel anything)
-a not very specific problem related with the vision, I have to make an effort to move my eyes that is greater than normal, feel pain when I look a bright light, like the one being produced by a monitor or tv, and also, despite my vision is not blurry, I notice that my central field of view has little "definition", being similar to the definition of the peripheral field of view, which makes it hard for me to contemplate a view as a whole, having to move my eyes to see little parts of the pictures at once.
-localized weakness on my muscles, that started on my right arm but extended to every place in my body. The right arm is so weak at times that I found hard to move the mouse or lift a fork.

A particularity of this is that the first symptom to appear was a simple sensation of pins and needles at my thong when I was forty, but since then, all the symptoms I described started to appear at a constant rate. Every year I gained one or more new symptoms, and any of them ever disappeared. The symptoms I described are probably not all of them, since I have all sorts of paresthesias that I don't even know how to describe (like feeling ¿wet? at sme places).
My impression, speaking frankly, is that my whole nervous system is collapsing :(. This symptoms don't react to any situation in my life, no matter if I'm sad or happy, satisfied or frustrated, they keep appearing, and the ones that are already there don't ever change.

My questions, concretely, would be two:
-is any of this symptoms IMPOSSIBLE to explain by a somatoform?
-given the variety, quantity and constant progress of appearance of the symptoms, what is the probability of a somatoform disorder to cause this?

I'd like to add, that if I extrapolate the progression of my symptoms to the next 8 years, I could hipothetize that at this rate, my right arm would be completely paralyzed by then, my hands will be completely numb, paresthesias would be almost impossible to bear and my eyes... I don't even want to think about that last thing :(
For the ones who are asking, I've visited several neurologist, but basically had to force them to make me analysis, and the few they make where negative, like magnetic resonances, evocated potentials and electromyography, yet they are many many things they never make, like trying to help me instead of sending me home again... I now this is hard to believe, but none of the many doctors I visited wanted to help me at all... they discarded any organical diagnose even without having any evidence, that is, even before the electromyography for example. This is why I'm now going to the capital city of my country, where I'll visit a very good neurology clinic, but, believe me or not, knowing the answer to those little two questions could make a difference on finding what have been consuming my life since I was little more than a child. No one here can give the answer, the doctors and psicologysts I've visited base their psichological diagnosis on miths and believes rater than on proved facts, for example, they think that every symptom a person can have can be caused by psichology, at the point that 4 doctors I visited told me that what later prove to be pain caused by a hip malformation at my right leg was psychological, before watching a magnetic resonance that showed that my femur was slipping from the acetabulum (this is unrelated to the other symptoms, was caused by sport and is very recent). The thing is i feel sometimes that I've got to enemies, the disease and the doctors, who doesn't care about my life at all, and instead of helping me find questions, they confuse me even more, making unbiased assumptions an giving them as the absolute truth.
Well, I'm really sorry about this large text, I didn't expected to make this this large... I guess sometimes it relieves that somebody could now what I'm fighting against.
Remember, whoever who answers those two questions can really do a difference in my life, and I'd really appreciate it. Well for everybody who was wondering, I'm form Argentina, that's why my English is bad, haha. Thank you all
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Postby somebody » Sat Nov 17, 2007 7:11 pm

Based on my information,

conversion disorder can cause what you describe.

My questions, concretely, would be two:
-is any of this symptoms IMPOSSIBLE to explain by a somatoform?

It's possible for a conversion disorder to cause them. It's not impossible.

-given the variety, quantity and constant progress of appearance of the symptoms, what is the probability of a somatoform disorder to cause this?

It's very possible for a conversion disorder to cause them, yes.

BUT you have to make sure that you don't actually suffer from the real disease, like a degenerative neurological disease though.

If all the tests were negative and there is no misdiagnoses,
then you may indeed have conversion disorder.

A conversion disorder is based basically on psychological conflicts. It may also be for a way to the affected person to seek (without probably knowing it) support from others.

You first line of treatment is a psychologist experienced in psychodynamic therapy (Freud's treatment for psychological disorders).

Cognitive therapy can also help.

Suggestion therapy is good too.

Yoga and tranquilisers are also a good option.

Real therapy if possible for the real disorder that your conversion disorder copies, is also good.

Given the severity of your case, prognosis actually is very good. The more desruptive the symptoms are the better the prognosis is.

You have to be very persistent and never give up, as conversion disorder is not easy to beat it up, but you can absolutely eradicate it from your life, the secret is to never give up.
Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional or other health professional. I provide my opinion for informational purposes and cannot be held responsible for any decisions readers of my post make. Always consult a trained health professional before making any decision regarding treatment of yourself or others.
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