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curious do these look similar to conversion symptom

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curious do these look similar to conversion symptom

Postby Zdlwoo » Sat Nov 17, 2018 9:33 pm

Got new symptoms and when they are brought up in session my psychiatrist nods mhmm
In the past year and a half my vision sometimes completely blur and clears up.for a bout of six months a lot of muscles in neck region stopped being able to be flexed noticed when sleeping couldn’t pick my head up right.my memory often completely blanks and I can’t remember anything when I’m in a conversation I later remember I’ve had the conversation I blanked out on lots of times about something I cared about. My Schizoaffective still hasn’t affected my driving and never had an accident but like the other day I was turning right looked left to make sure I could go proceeded to turn and then pulled right into traffic barely avoided being rear ended.and I’m having sexual hallucinationsalso I wake up flopping around on the bed like every other day.one time I swear my whole body was in the air
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