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Learning to help my wife with Conversion disorder

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Learning to help my wife with Conversion disorder

Postby Zoner11pow » Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:34 am

I'm new here, I discovered this page because I was actively seeking out other people to talk to with this disorder. My wife was diagnosed in February of 2017 with CD and also has Disassociative disorder. She has what's called non specific trigger CD, as was diagnosed by the CDC mental health division where we live after all neurological tests were negative. She has it rough, she daily has symptoms of feeling what she calls "heavy like walking through cement". She is prone to passing out, coming back to and being blind, deaf, both, and unable to talk most the time when her symptoms are at their worst. Most times she just talks like she's really slow. She has psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. In her disassociative episodes, she knows who she is but has varying degrees of memory loss. One time she was even in the 7th grade. More often though she has what we call her primary episode, where she has no or little memory loss.

All that being said, learning how to help and care for her has been a journey. I truly and genuinely feel heavy hearted for anyone with this disorder, it's not well known enough and it seems even the government doesn't want to acknowledge it. My wife loved her job and obviously can't work now. It's been so difficult. I want anyone reading this to know that despite how hard it is, you matter. She is currently seeing a therapist which is good for her overall but doesn't help her symptoms.

I actually have a question, because looking up studies has been futile as there just hasn't been enough real research on the topic. Does anyone here who has CD, in particular but not limited to my wife's non specific triggered CD, ever notice increased or onset of symptoms after any kind of activity that causes pressure in the brain? Like for instance sneezing hard or bearing down to use the bathroom. I realize this is a somewhat personal question but I am doing anything I can to help my wife and she has even expressed interest in more diverse testing to see if there is remotely a physical aspect to the cause of CD. This was just something I noticed with my wife and was trying to see if it was unique to her or not. Thanks in advance for reading and just remember that people do care. You're not alone.
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