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Does it come in spurts

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Does it come in spurts

Postby Zdlwoo » Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:50 am

I am having conversion attacks I didn't know I was I went on this psych forums list looking to hone in on my disorder and make sure that I had schizoaffective disorder make sure it is the only thing .I will try to link my voices to people that I used to know right when they would talk about something or not want me to say or do something however strenuous that might cause them the most limited amount of stress my vision would blur incredibly (at that moment) (id say something like ###$ you that's ridiculous or "I'm so sorry" and it would come back.I also sometimes lose feeling in my muscles lose feeling in my back that I would attribute to the voices and , on a side note,I don't give them power When I am not really bored. When I'm not bored I continue life fairly normal( granted I'm not speed balling )and empowering them by starting to think about them in turn in my mind causing them stress I guess drawing their attention on me .then my feeling went away from my body namely my back .I can use the muscles in a portion of my back it's like my mind was drawn off from whatever it was That makes me able to use the muscles in that part of my back "now my posture is probably messed up because whether I am working out or takes weeks off , sleep downstairs or up, its like I can't get feeling back bc I've upset them .Anyway I'm constantly popping my back because of irritation. Also I was wondering if not feeling substances or over feeling substances these days would qualify for a conversion attack. Like taking a tenth of heroin plus a big ass crack rock in a single shot feeling sober its and sometimes I'd drink like a beer by myself and feel overintoxicated.
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