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Have strange symptoms of intrapsychic panic

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Have strange symptoms of intrapsychic panic

Postby NemoLovesOmni » Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:45 pm

Hi, so i am not sure if this is befitting this forum. However read and decide, and above all, other than criticism try give me some input. I have been dealing with these symptoms for about twelve years now.

ok so aside from my mental conditions, which include ocd and another personality disorder, I have had strange symptoms in the mouth and trachea area. I posted it here because its essentially my fears of "sucktion" and suffuocation that are manifesting themselves in sort of bizarre paranormal like subjective feelings.

so what am i referring to....

When I was about seventeen, my mouth started feeling like it was "sucking In" my teeth inward, it felt like my mouth was in a vaccum and was deflating and colllapsing because it was being hallowed out. I felt a strong suction like air current in my mouth, and I felt like i was suffocating or my lungs decompressing and that my body was being hallowed out of air. Now why did i post this here. mainly because obviously its a delusion, an inorganic cause with an organic effect or symptomology. When this happens i sometimes turn blue, i dont panic, but i feel like i am perpetually deflating and suffocating, and my throat constricts.
That whole episode started when i was seventeen lasted for about two years, and for two years i felt like my throat was a vaccum hose, sucking my mouth inward. I could hardly function, i felt deflated and decompressed and lost any sense of temperament control and highly agitated. the pain simply did not go away and the physical symptoms associated with it didnt go away. this was not a panic atttack, panic attacks do not last for two years. ever since i also began a series of tics where my upper jaw presses and clicks on my lower jaw, but that may be a question for an orthodontis. the point is my teeth have been caving in inwards. what is the cause of that I am not sure, as i do not really grind my teeth.
Anyways i still have these symptoms and tics now, and for the past twelve years it has taken a serious toll on me. It happens when i'm at work, along with my neck burning, my back crunching like something is pressing down on it, I feel like I am decompressing and the suctioning in my throat and teeth, and the nervous tics begin. Its quite disqueiting and has been ruining many work days, where i feel terrible, look terrible and am just about close to hurting myself to divert the discomofrt in my mouth area to another area that actually makes senses and is real in nature.

The point is its causing me alot of terrible uneasiness, please do help. I've recently tried seroquel at low doses. the suction in the mouth feeling went away, only to return a week later. does anyone know how to beat this.

What would be helpful for me...
Advice on medicine
Advice on doctors who specialize in this
Advice on extended reading on this

-- Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:46 pm --

I meant to post this as "intrapsychic" somatization of fears
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