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is CD?

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is CD?

Postby alwaysscared » Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:52 pm

It's unfortunate that I have a condition which affects my autonomic nervous system as trauma does too and it's been a battle with medical/psychiatry since we completely dissociated ( 7 years) However due to trauma and DD both fitted and I was given multiple diagnoses somatization/conversion, fibromyaglia which links to both trauma and hypermobility. I have many neurological symptoms ; numb head with neck pain, numb eye brows spasm, facial numbness, weak legs can barely walk. Nausea. Vertigo. Visual disturbances. Pain. Chemical and food sensitivities. i found this site when trying to reach clarity of what is right and i dont want to be overlooked by medical profession if something is amiss. It's always been the physical symptoms that have caused in my present the most trauma. Inthe past i have found relief partially with emotional release but i dont seem to be able to access this right now. I wondered how many of you can relate thanks in advance - also ( asides i can't seem to manage to figure out how to do the signature on here it says 0 words too long or something
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