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Think it's mild CD

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Think it's mild CD

Postby elusive-sensations » Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:31 pm

Hey there.

I'm diagnosed with a personality disorder, having suffered with mental health problems for many years.

Since last September, I have experienced what I can only describe as bad blinking spasms. Sometimes my eyes will shut tight and I have to prise them open (annoying when trying to cross the road!) It started off fairly infrequently, then got pretty severe, then reduced, went away almost entirely for a few weeks, and is now intermittent - usually occurring every few days, on and off throughout the day, and especially when tired or worried.

When it first got bad, I spoke to my GP, psychiatrist and optician, all who suspected it was 'psychosomatic'. I haven't really spoken to anyone about it since, preferring to try and get on with things as it's not severely disabling as seems to be with many CD suffererrs. However, it is worrying. People notice, comment, I see people laughing sometimes, and I bump into people.

I looked on the internet which says CD seems to pass fairly quickly (or maybe I'm looking at the wrong stuff!) but I'm starting to wonder if this is ever going to go away. I'd really like it to.

Not asking for a diagnosis, but wondering if anyone has ever experienced this kind of focal dystonia, or what it takes to make it go away? Thank you :)
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