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Book Idea

Postby PM » Sat Jun 28, 2003 1:45 am

Hi, my name is Paul Colton & I've suffered with cyclothymia and suicidal ideation most of my life. Lately though I've gotten to thinking and we, as a community should not be hiding in the shadows, afraid of the stigma the rest of society places on us. We should not be afraid to say, we are you're mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, bosses and fellow employees. We are the people in your lives & we can be productive members of society. We are out there and we are no longer want to be ashamed of our illness as anybody else would not be ashamed to have cancer or heart disease.

I'd like to put together a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" type book chronicling our lives. How do we deal with our illnesses everyday, how we have overcome them in the face of overwhelming odds, the wonderful things we've done. Our successes as well as our failures and what we've learned from them. How we have grown.

If this sounds like a good idea to you and you would like to submit something to me for consideration, please send it to coltons@nep.net with a current e-mail address so I may contact you if need be. make the subject line in your e-mail "book idea" In the actual book you may remain anonymous if you so choose.
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