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conduct or anger my son?

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conduct or anger my son?

Postby gdt123 » Thu Jun 15, 2006 12:23 am

Hi my son is 17 years old i have 4 boys butt just one that lives with me and that him the 17 year old his mother keep him out at the age off 13 and charged him with assult and damage of her home he did have a 30 day ivalue (my spelling is grade 2 or 3 avgerge so i sorry if this i hard to read ) anyway welfere in canada called me and said come get your so are he is going to a foster home i love my son very much and he has lived with me now for 6 years he has a anger problem but will no go to counseling are agree to any help i have had my car winshild busted 2 times the house windows around 12 of them doors holes in them but only about 1 a month but the last two weeks about every day he gets mad and starts damging the house i cant stop him i take soft to him he just gets mader says he hates his life locks him self in the bathroom with a knife and cuts him self just a little says it hurts to much has done this around 7 times but 2 times in the last week i what help for him because i love him and care he says you just what to get read off me no way it whould be so loney with out him but i also cant keep living like this i just what him better so we can live together and have a happy life dont no where to turn if i phone 911 are something like that he well hate me and i cant live like that either help please be for its to late.
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Postby chickadee » Wed Jun 21, 2006 7:13 am

He is your son, not your best friend. It isn't your job to make him like you, so if you must call the police to intervene, it is your duty to do so (for yourself and for him). Setting boundaries is a very important aspect of parenting.

If your son is cutting, he may be depressed. He's been kicked out of his mother's house and forced to leave his brothers, and he might just be acting out. I think you should make him go to counseling. If you provide the roof over his head, you are entitled to ask him to respect the home that you share and the things that you own. Your safety should never be at risk with your own child. Offer to go with him, offer him any help that he needs on an emotional level, but whatever you do, don't back down once you've made a decision. He knows that you can be pushed around, so he will try. Tell him that you love him very much but living with you comes with some requirements. You both need to feel safe and secure in your home. Support him, but you can't continue to let him hurt you in this way.
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P.S. I'm not a shrink.
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Re: conduct or anger my son?

Postby Vladimira » Mon May 24, 2010 1:32 pm

Conduct disorder is a behavioral and emotional disorder of childhood and adolescence. Children with conduct disorder act inappropriately, infringe on the rights of others, and violate the behavioral expectations of others.
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