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Looking for a Clinical Term

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Looking for a Clinical Term

Postby user555 » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:48 pm

I tried searching, so I will just post my question. Possibly someone with a Psych degree may have the answer.

I'm looking for the CLINICAL term (if one exists) for someone who says something opposite of something that they are actually guilty of.

For example, four people are talking in a social situation. Person one says "Did you hear about Marcie? She got fired from the grocery store for taking money from the register.". Person two says "Oh thats awful". Person four then declares "oh wow, I cant believe that, stealing is wrong. I never steal"

Even though person four does in fact steal. However, person four is under no suspicion of theft. No one accused person four of anything, yet person four felt compelled to declare they dont steal.

Why (thought process) would someone who does a particular thing declare that they do not when there is no obvious reason to? And what (if exist) is the clinical term when someone does that?

Mind you this is not about theft, or social pressure (ie fitting in), but rather the psychology behind why someone who declares something they are guilty of would state otherwise without apparent reason.


PS the inverse would also apply. someone who says they do something they do not. with no obvious reason to say such.
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