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CL stemming from self-confidence issues, how to stop?

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CL stemming from self-confidence issues, how to stop?

Postby LeeDee » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:02 pm

Right now I am wondering how to put this into words, so if this sounds a bit jumbled I apologize.

I have always had a problem with me lying, mainly because I always felt awful afterwards, with hours and sometimes days of going "why", then another lie comes up and days turn into months, years and you get the idea. Done the lying bit for a while and I want it over with.

One of the main reasons I am actually writing now, today I again told a few lies, one was what I was doing in the weekend (just by myself and lied saying i was hanging out with a few friends), and the other is again, the main reason.

I was in a group of people and we were talking a walk by the water talking about boating and boat races and I said: "Yeah boat races are fun!" and of course the follow-up question was, "Oh have you been to one?"

Instead of just saying no and I am not talking from experience but simply because I, really like going fast on my motorcycle or bike, fast is great and I love it so boat racing = fun.

My answer instead was, "Oh yeah been to it once when I was a kid with my grandpa." rolled off the tongue like usual no thinking required. All I really got in response was just a nice awkward silence and a lot of stares from the group until someone slowly started talking again.

I've noticed that my lies always are about me boasting myself or inserting myself somehow. I'm starting to realize why I am doing it but I kinda wanted to talk to other people about my experience, maybe someone has advice, or they can relate in some way.

Thanks for all your help guys :)
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