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Character Creation?

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Character Creation?

Postby Underablanket » Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:57 pm

I need help or at least some stories of shared experiences. I don't know if anyone else does this or is even aware that they do this but I litteraly create characters to manipulate the people in my life, this isn't always for bad means to an end in fact it's often not it's like a compulsive habbit I feel safe when I do it. But it's not like a concious thing you see? Like I start forming beliefs in my own mind and creating an actual character to manipulate these people and I do this for everyone in my life and it's gotten to the point where I want to start lying but I just didn't realize how deep this $#%^ went.. like I'll be arguing in my head between different beliefs that these characters have because I don't know what's ######6 real anymore. I've lost touch with who I am and what's real, I'm just a series of characters that I play and I can't do it with ease anymore I realize I'm lying but I don't know what the truth is and I have a very very hard time snapping out of these characters and returning to who I am.. it's happened a few times in the last year but that's it. I really just want to know if anyone else is going through this? Please share your story so I don't feel so alone? and maybe give me some tips on how to get the hell out of this if you've managed too ... The times I've gotten out I felt completley free only to slip back into it like 4 hours later.. I'm going to try to keep this short... Thanks
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