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Postby abigailb » Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:49 pm

My daughter, 8 years ago, had wisdom teeth extraction. We recently found out from another oral surgeon,who looked at her past records, that she was given 4 x the amount of anesthesia that she should have had.
At the same time of the procedure, 8 years ago, she began to develop severe mental health issues and began to spiral downward after the surgery. We were very alarmed at what was taking place but it felt as if blinders were on to know exactly what was going on and somehow even though it began after the surgery we felt like we couldnt specifically pinpoint that it was that. After years of seeing doctors (over 20) what we found from the symptoms and labs would tells us it was: hashimotos, pyrroles, histamine imbalance, extreme allergens, gluten - cassein opiate affect, hormonal imbalance causing pcos, parasites, heavy metal toxcity, possible polyphoria, possible tick related disease.
At the time of the oral surgery we did not know she had an overdose. We just found that out recently. Now we are shocked .....When we look back at the records, we see that there is a definate time correlation between the surgery and her spiral downward.... that began her endless trips to the doctors.
Has anyone experienced any mental health issues - short term or long term - after having any kind of anesthesia?
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Postby Darwayne » Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:15 am

I've had 5 knee surgeries ranging from age 11-19. I had random sudden cognitive decline and had to drop out of highschool 4.5-5 years ago at age 17. Could very well be from anesthesia but can't say for sure. How has it effected her mentally?

MRI, EEG, blood tests, etc show up normal for me. About to post in the forum section about my issue. Feel free to read it and see if she has similar issues.
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