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My little hallucination

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My little hallucination

Postby DntStp77 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:03 am

Hi... Lateley seems I have no freedom. I've been seeing and hearing things that are really there, that come together to taunt me as if the world werean organic being which is digesting me. Because voices will string together ideas making reality look like a bunch of signs at face or implying value. My main concern is that if I ever do get ahead in life, that something like this will just come along and tax all my progress. It's safe to say it has.

(Be ready;
If this were movie it'd be the scene in pulp fiction)

Examples of what I hear relate to *** Hmm Hmm Hmm
Unless cuuuu , kalululu, rtrrt klu elue lue is sweeping the nation i'm hearing voices.

When ever i'm standing still I could feely fathers swathing his mouth all over mine. It my sound weird but he could be involved in this too because he has an extremely onery mentality like that of an 8 year old, I guess he made mine like his, (sorry got to get into who he is) a mysoginist, it seems like he does'nt do anything in a mature manner, basically just a train wreck but into whoever happens to get close, in a certain setting like with that of my mother, I might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time because, I, having witnessed that, expressed some distress but what did mister think of that. 1Guilt in hand 2Spin it around 2 1/2Give it a good whirl through system aquiring kinetic energy, ERGHH Huckptooeey. 3Abracadabra you're paying double.. .. second level of mentality he's a real soldier because someone else saw this pride spittin example and generously slapped their gang mascot patch on their as a procurement, now he has aquired the seal style imperial directory of orders. Now his accumen is'nt akin to the two, or the three, but the 1 . I did'nt mention rapist... I'm pretty sure I should'nt even be thinking of that, which adds unfavor to me and everyone else because they are sour.. It's not over. This is just a doddle on the path...

Because what we really have is a special blend of psychoticism and narcisism and wanabee horror flick antagonist. Freddy Krugar does'nt do justice to THE: I'm going to twist a knife into you abdomen and watch you coil and turn LOOK--and i'm at home while doing it-and a subsequent turn of chuckles and pops which could be a guilt machine revving up. -sigh - what will, I do. I'm pretty sure he was on mike tyson's punch out. usually right at home with the complacent faces of normal day to day life... ?

And inadequacy;, he says things in joking voice laughing aloft and remotely, and he sounds guilty to like he's trying to guide his voice off a track where his conscience naturally has him. Is this broken engine of cut off parts a driver for him to just be done with it and chuck it in my face.This is what i'm facing, anytime i'm not being overly sidetracked. DO YOU KNOW ANY GROWN MEN WHO? Is this a plot against me? Can a voice become infectious and multiply? there some sort of biblical enforcement out there that is plugging away? They probably exist in three to guilty me of the other plot. So I could probably discount all three. Are people super religious without me knowing it? Are they super down on b.g's?

Cause I see l a lot of blue circles and things that look like an N, or things that should'nt reference those things unless they were. Not even neccessarily having to be in that ball park.

Why? like a root symbol, divided by ^ uproot
A betrer example is the game tw's 07 leading up to every near hole you hea utterances that sounds like NguecRrr... or Ng_____ (with abrupt silence) Nddrdddr... r rOGH!

Are b.g's just a euphemism for a laidback lifestyle which is going to hell? One of the input words to a website for confirmation was urtefre u r te fire.

People act fueled -or- gassy release-grin when talking about religion, with parenthesis.

This is how the sensations are, they are a very defined uncomfortable beginning of someone probing my lips with their lips with an abrupt ____ stop, I feel like my mouth is open, or my lip is hanging out in the wind and it's very uncomfortable. And I feel like thoughts are directly connected to feelings and phantoms can slip in there and plant 2 dimensional kiss or whatever they want on me.

When I go to think I can control it, usually my dad kisses me again, in a style that says no, :), I'm real.

It's a pure power trip going on, I put my hand down and I sense that my arm is planted, they have the propensity to start up again, especially if I get tense, and it's not possible to take this kissing and not try to tense up to dilute it.

Maybe people are stupid enough to follow an ever shorter bandage of words under the allusion that the abbreviation is a way of filling their mind with concrete. So whudos gggsshghtte mean. (I could be wrong)

Or this is just non existent patch-work to mingle and mangle their way through realities branches which impart a natural hierarchy of connective elastic reasoning.

All I could do is try to express to others which are probably a pixelated construction of artificiality.

Sadly, another factor is that I could be humming a song and it completely tangle me in what I was saying, things just don't look to be real anymore.... And I talk .to the voices, they sound blunt and dry, and as filling a personality which would be - almost a hundred % unergonomical they only speak in compliments to what I think; branches. Every single sound in the enviroment animal sounds like it's saying cuuu, it's like a developed complete membrane the voices've added over time. Every thing is cuu cuu klulul lu, frk u--cuuuuuuuuuu, klu Lu 'lu elu lue, t f olool uk elueUOo ... oO, or 2: They talk unimpeded, with turbo charge from clululueeing. Everything a hackneyed style trip E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E,

I will be annoyed because I think every one is TRIPPING, pride tripping. guilt tripping, sarcasm tripping, overtly observing, style t. The voices open this up to might as well be. Life feels like a tandum venture now and those ambient noises are'nt cooperating.
As you may guess these voices do tell me to die, (tripping on thselves)sounding caught up in their [LINEAR] nuances, [caught suprised] proud vocalizing certain words like die. There's no standard, it's all just to fak with meh. But these sound like little kids don't they, maybe ones that live in a dog house, maybe some ucked up imaginations, OR MAYBE IT'S REAL.
The mike tyson thing is what i'm talking about, why does fiction line up so perfectly with fact?? Like it's every nuance is talking to me. It would nothing to you. And final theory: the hmm hmm hmm is in control of me like a stick puppet and theyl're saying: derr, dert, derrrr. *eggar Derrrrt da derre deerrrrre, but there's no saying sorry..

If I have a chance to be impolite I'd take it because that's all I sense.
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