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Irrational should statements

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Irrational should statements

Postby cribbageking » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:58 pm

Does anyone ever deal with irrational should statements? As I made evident in a post below, I think that these these are more common in cognition than we realize.

Of course, one probably familiar example of should statements are things that are partially premised on socialization, like "if I don't have a job then I don't have worth" of "If I am not beautiful then I don't have worth". There is no way to prove a value statement, because it is not the sort of thing that corresponds with something, in the same way, that, for instance, the term "dog" corresponds with a dog that one observes.

I think this realization can be maxed-out on in some fashion for the purpose of psychological betterment. I was wondering if someone else experienced situations like this.
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