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Writing down negativ thoughts - how do you do it?

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Writing down negativ thoughts - how do you do it?

Postby FlyingRabbit » Sun May 26, 2013 7:19 pm

My therapist told me to write down my negativ thoughts, then change them into positiv ones. I don't count myself as severely depressed, still I think if I did that every time I would be writing all day. Since I guess other patients are browsing this forum at least from time to time I wonder: how do you do it? Do you write down everything, all the time? Or do you set a special time during the day where you write things down?

Another thing is I guess to do this I would need a notebook or something. But I am afraid to loose it, and that someone will read it. I used to write my thoughts on a paper block, but then one day I accidentally left it in the kitchen when I went on holidays. No one ever said anything but I really hope no one read it.
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Re: Writing down negativ thoughts - how do you do it?

Postby Looking_to_help » Thu Aug 22, 2013 5:39 am

I understand your fear of losing the paper-notebook and having some one read it. Maybe don't write your name on it? so that way if that does happen, if someone found it, they wouldn't know it was yours.

Anyway, it looks like your therapist gave you some homework, which is a core part of the Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment process. I don't see any harm in doing what works best for you, however from experience, it would probably be easiest to write down the negative thoughts when you're having them, that way you "catch them" as they happen and become more in tune to them and self aware, plus, it might be easier to remember what the negative thoughts are in the moment, rather than waiting till later. Also, its unlikely your therapist wants you to write down EVERY negative thought, probably just some of them or just the most negative ones, although i would clarify this with him/her.

Good luck!
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