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My husband thinks I'm overreacting

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My husband thinks I'm overreacting

Postby nikkiloohoo23 » Mon May 12, 2014 1:46 am

Today things with my 11 year old daughter came to a head. I came home from work and I noticed that once again, she'd practically eaten me out of house and home. Now let me start off by saying that (and I know, EVERYBODY says this) I don't keep junk food in the house and if I do, it's in very small quantities and I usually hide it because I know how she is.

This started a little while ago (about two months now that I'm really thinking about it). I coupon and got a great deal on granola bars to add to my lunch for when I go to work. I bought a few boxes and a few days after I bought them, they were gone. I'd eaten two, my daughter at the rest. I bought a box of whole grain waffles for breakfast, found her eating three or four at once. And so it goes, I'd never see her eating anything but then suddenly things I'd just bought were gone. I'd talk to her and we'd discuss it and she'd agree to stop.

But, apparently it's a sick cycle carousel and it never stops. Tonight, for example, I came home from work and I was getting a box of tea out of the cabinet when I noticed that the half full bag of chocolate chips that I'd hidden in the way, way back of the cabinet, was almost all gone. Then while making dinner, I took a jar of pickle slices out of the fridge that I just bought last night, were all but gone. And it wasn't a small jar, it was a pretty decent sized jar of pickles. She drank almost an entire 12 pack of my soda today while I was at work. God knows what else she got into. My husband says this is just her way of rebelling, that she's "at that age," etc. I don't think it is, not really. There's no explanation as to why she would go digging in the back of a cabinet for a bag of chocolate just because she's bored, or eat a whole jar of pickles, because she's rebelling. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm worried either way, she's gained a lot of weight and I'm worried. Should I take her to see someone or is my husband right and I am over exaggerating?
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Re: My husband thinks I'm overreacting

Postby Ayla » Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:16 pm

You should talk to someone. Eating a bit more sweet food is nothing very serious, but things like pickles too, trying to hide her eating habits, and gaining a lot of weight is certainly something you should let someone take a look at. Even if they still think you're overreacting, you say she's gaining a lot of weight, at the very least they should pay some attention to that. But I think her eating habits are not normal and it could become very serious.. She needs help with it now, before she gets a bit older, and develops worries about her body and might turn to worse habits like throwing it back up.. :?
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