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psychologist needs help stopping child's 2am wakeups

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psychologist needs help stopping child's 2am wakeups

Postby Basaltmama » Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:21 pm

First time posting- I am a psychologist helping a 12 year old child who developed a sleep problem at age 7. Completely normal sleep prior. There are no signs of apnea or any other common sleep disorder. She is a gifted child who struggles with a few sensory integration issues, and who presented with problems getting to sleep and staying asleep due to symptoms of anxiety and irrational fears. The life changes surrounding the development of these symptoms were a change in school (was needing a more challenging environment, so transferred from public to Montessori) and a period of depression in the child's father (child was worried about him). The anxiety has resolved during treatment and the child now has no trouble falling asleep. However, she continues to wake around 2am and may stay awake for anywhere from 2 mins to 2 hours trying to get back to sleep. This is exhaustingthe child and parents. I am developing a treatment plan to perhaps disrupt the child's pattern by having the mother wake her at some other time (say 11 or midnight) to pre-empt the wakeup, and briefly/ immediately gentle her back to sleep, suggesting to her that she won't haveto wake up later because she'll already have spent her wakeup for the night.

I would love to know your ideas/suggestions regarding this plan, as I have already had her trying the self- relaxation exercises and various other things that put her to sleep well initially to no avail.
Many thx
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