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My father programmed me to be a father to him?

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My father programmed me to be a father to him?

Postby cureav » Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:19 am

My father had a father who was an alcoholic. He was a problem and the one who never been there for his his children. My father, the oldest child, took the responsibilities and the "missing father" role in the house. Now, my father has 62 years and I am realizing this.

For years now, I am reading stuff about "Adult children of alcoholics" subject, and I know how my father has been programmed cause of his troubled childhood. He still has a demons of the past, he manipulate with the sounds he make, serving us sounds that he is in one side of the house and then he slowly moves to another, where nobody assume he is... He constantly recreates his father, but with it he recreates fears of him, and he often mistakes me with him unconsciously.

Now, there are years behind trying to understand his psychology, and my life is stuck.
What is the worst; I am surrounded with one parent friends! Its like I have some ability to take an attitude of a person who is understanding, comforting and problem-solving (parent).
I am constantly stuck in this role. I will be 31 and my relationship is based on a girlfriend who has only a mother... we are 7 months together. Today she said that she constantly thinks that a person who she longs for, will suddenly wake up in me! Damn..

Anybody has an opinions about my stuck situation?
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