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My mom is a psychologist (Psy.D) and a foul human being

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My mom is a psychologist (Psy.D) and a foul human being

Postby Smoomfy » Sun Sep 17, 2023 2:26 pm

I was abused throughout childhood in many ways. She was really, really good at it. She used her education to superb effect. Discussing it is humiliating. This was the strategy to begin with, I think (that is, that make the abuse as difficult to mediate as possible).

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Re: My mom is a psychologist (Psy.D) and a foul human being

Postby Triskelion » Tue Sep 19, 2023 9:13 am

Hello Smoomfy,

Sorry to hear about your childhood being like this. Surprised it comes from a psychologist, but I suppose people are people no matter what they do for a living.

I'm not sure how old you are now, but the best way to heal from trauma is to get away from the trauma first. Are you in a position that you can cut ties with your mother?
May I ask if there's a second parent and if so what is their position regarding this?

I hope you're holding up alright.

Best wishes to you,

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