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Postby TheHiveMind » Thu May 06, 2021 9:14 am

******trigger warnings******

So to start, we were an only child growing up. Always very lonely. so one was the places our parents would take me to "play" was my cousins. I was often left there while our parents needed to do things. However they are not nice people.

I was treated like a toy by my cousins. Made to dress up and played with like a doll. Treated like an animal and fed like one. They would often do "shows" for their parents and we were laughed at and abused. When our cousins were board we would be locked in a room and left. Only let out when our parents came to pick us up.
If we had to stay the night (which was regularly) food wasnt always provided and If it was was just as likly to be taken away again. No care was taken to provide clean clothes or washing facilities. (Child between ages of 4 and 7). Even if our parents saw what was happning they would laugh and join in. Everything we did was a joke and mocked. We were nothing but an object to them.

We belive this is where our trauma started. Why we have no trust in any of our parents or family. Why a few of us have weight issues and no self esteem or self worth. Why I feel like I'm only worth something when being used. We learnt to steal food at an early age just to feed ourselves. We picked up many bad habits because of our cousins which we then got punished for by parents.

Though I dont remember much of it personally. We were told we used to tantrum if our parents tried to take us home. Choice between abuse or lonlyness I think.

Now we avoid their family at all costs. However it does mean we cant get the help needed because they work at the local doctors surgery. They have no shame in telling other family members about family that visit. Mocking all of it. We are to scared to go there.

******triggers over****

Thank you for reading. I felt we needed to say it out loud.
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