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Any Term for 'ownership' of a child?

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Any Term for 'ownership' of a child?

Postby HollywoodBard » Fri Jun 12, 2020 10:23 pm

Is there any psychological term for when a parental figure wants 'ownership' of a child as in what they will do in life? My aunt and a few others decided that it would be best if I or my younger sister would move in with her at the age of 18 as to be the companion to her as my aunt had to her own mother. Younger sister cut all contact and I got stuck with a screaming battleaxe for 17 years until the Grim Reaper silenced her.

I know it happens in other forms such as a parent that assumes a child will follow into the family business and has the future pre-decided.

I was looking for the term that describes for research purposes for closure.
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Re: Any Term for 'ownership' of a child?

Postby Johei » Thu Sep 03, 2020 3:05 am

Most commonly, they will describe the older relative as 'The guardian', and the younger person as 'The ward'
So 'Guardianship'
Also common is: 'Fosterage' (Happened to mostly noble adults as recent as the 20th century)

In this case, both terms are misconstrued, as there was little to none guidance or caring going on at the end of the elder partner in the relationship, but instead, the younger person had to do all the caring.

sounds more like 'Indentured servitude'
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