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How can Physical Abuse be proven without picture proof?

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How can Physical Abuse be proven without picture proof?

Postby Anonymous28 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 2:12 am

My 4 year old daughter is being slapped on the face for punishment at home which she has told me. I know for a fact that picture proof of bruises is the best proof. However, slapping doesn’t creat bruises and I haven’t seen any. If I have my child assigned to a child psychologist or have CWS evaluate my child, how can this type of child abuse be proven? I can’t confront the other parent because that parent only listens to no one.
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Re: How can Physical Abuse be proven without picture proof?

Postby avatar123 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:29 pm

Slapping produces redness, but it may be difficult to get a photo of that. I think in this case, keeping a log of all incidents with time & date stamp will help establish it as a chronic issue, not a one-off loss of patience.

Also you can use your phone to record the conversation when you interview your daughter or she reports an incident. If you do that, it's important to remain neutral and not suggest or imply anything, or put words in her mouth, or ask leading questions. You can listen and ask questions about detail, so she responds in her own words, and also show concern for her well-being, but don't say anything about the father at all. Just let her explain what happened as best she can.

It can be hard to prove abuse without a witness or obvious injury. So the most important thing is to see that your daughter receives the care she need to deal with it, until such time as the situation can be resolved and she's no longer at risk.
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