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Elementary Teacher Gaslighted Me

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Elementary Teacher Gaslighted Me

Postby z7z » Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:53 pm

Made me take a pill and then denied it. She thought I was a bully (we boys all played rough on the playground and I joked around / teased a lot but I wasn't a bully) so she bullied me. It was my word against hers when I confronted her about it with the principal and my parents and she denied it to try and make me look crazy. I wonder if the forcing me to take a pill was illegal. And she didn't tell me what it was.
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Re: Elementary Teacher Gaslighted Me

Postby quietgirl2538 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:09 pm

Nurses are the only ones I know of that can dispense or give the student a pill to take. And it's only because it's something that a doctor has prescribed and the parents have authorized that the school allows the nurse to give to the child. She lied because she knew what she did was very wrong, I'm sure. I'd imagine she would have been, either in trouble with the school district and/or also fired. You did what you could do which was to tell your parents and they tried to let the principle know, but yeah, it was an adult over a kids words on this. I'm sorry she was such a bully. My friend's daughter had a bad teacher who would curse at the kids and she reported her as she was not helping her with tutoring to help her pass the class, and yes, she denied it to the counselor even though all the other students knew and said she did this.

When I was growing up they still paddled kids with some wooden paddle. But I know teachers didn't just give meds to them unless the parents knew about it. I'm 43 so that was back then. Laws nowadays don't allow paddling anymore. They're more strict nowadays from what I see now as my kids are in school.
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