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Dating a girl who was abused by her Dad (mom) *Triggers*

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Dating a girl who was abused by her Dad (mom) *Triggers*

Postby pandaboyer » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:13 am

I'm dating a girl who was abused by her father sexually by age of 8, governments made her leave her house to go a special school, her mother also blamed her for that.

At out first dates we were having sex, but now not, I think she might be afraid that I could hurt her feeling.

I really love this girl, I'm not sure what should I do to gain her love and her trust.
A friend said that I should treat her like her parents did (Being an asshole), because being treated like this is her comfort zone - is that true/
Do you give any tips on how should I make her trust me and how I can understand her better.
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Re: Dating a girl who was abused by her Dad (mom) *Triggers*

Postby Terry E. » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:56 am

Wow nice friend.

No be patient. She was abused then lost both parents. Christ in the modern world if a producer says nice dress, very sexy the actress will be on Oprah next week and this crap is still not understood.

As children we are born with two big things. Trust and a sense of fairness. It was keyed in us as a species. You did not learn these you are born with them. She had them both torn up.

Can I ask how old you are ??

If you really like her be patient forget the sex part for now, she is still healing and you may be part of it.

Let her lead the way.

Also can you listen to her without looking like you are cringing at every word she says. Be honest if not maybe take baby steps in her telling her story.
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