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If you suspect child abuse report it @

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If you suspect child abuse report it @

Postby MSBLUE » Mon Oct 30, 2006 6:25 am

If you suspect child abuse and need to report it there is a hotline number at top of this forum or you can file it online @

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child abuse

Postby suhas » Tue May 27, 2008 9:49 am

Americans are more aware than ever of the tragedy of child abuse: our national and local media carry daily reports of children who have been beaten, imprisoned, starved, burned or sexually and emotionally abused. Shopping carts, milk cartons, billboards, newspapers all carry the message that children should tell if they are being hurt and that to prevent abuse, just call a hotline and help will arrive.

However, we are slowly awakening to the fact that, even if suspected abuse is reported, this does not always result in safeguarding the child from further abuse. In fact, some of the worst cases are those where authorities were notified of abuse and had determined that the child was at risk, but nevertheless left the child in the care of the abuser. We are also learning that not only the woman who flees domestic violence is at risk from further violence, but that her children are often the innocent witnesses to her being battered -- or additional victims. And in far too many cases, the batterer has not only revenges himself on his former partner, but hurts or kills the children as well.

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Postby ConcernedNana » Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:30 pm

I turned my daughter in for child neglect on November 1st. I told CPS about there being no food in the house, maggots and old food all over the floor, 3 year old's teeth being rotten to the gums, medical problems, and so on. The investigator showed up on the 3rd. She could hear my daughter in the background telling my son-in-law to not let her in! He told the investigator that my daughter was at work (she does not have a job). My daughter called her back sometime the next day and said that she had to work again but that she could come after 3:30pm, which she did. The truth was that my daughter needed to get food in the fridge, clean the house, and have someone bathe the children. By the time the investigator came 26 hours later, there was food in the fridge, the house was still nasty, but the maggots and old food was gone, and the kids were clean. CPS did notice the rotten teeth in both kids and she noticed the sores all over my daughter's face and her rotten teeth. She wondered if she was on Meth. I told her that she was definitely taking enough Vicodin to kill a horse and when she couldn't get that, she drank hard liquor. She has admitted to smoking pot "on occasion." They have had their electricity shut-off multiple times. They moved in with me in my RV where I live while I attend graduate school in May while the went without elect. They had been given over $600 between my hubby and my son-in-law's mother to keep it on. I told them that they HAD to get their acts together because I was NOT going to let them live with me again because it was too much, especially during finals.

My husband and I met with the in-laws of my daughter and tricked her and my son-in-law in what my daughter called an intervention. We told her that we'd get her teeth fixed IF she'd go to rehab. She denies she has a drug problem. We told her that we would not give her any more money to pay bills with. Son-in-law has already been fired from one job for stealing. He claimed that he was in training to be a manager when we kept inquiring as to why he would work at a minimum wage job with a family. He has a high IQ. His first job, he worked as a cook. When we pushed for him to get a better job, he claimed that he was being trained to be a manager. Then, after the firing on the second job, he got a high paying job, with great benefits. However, they do random drug testing. He claimed that he was being trained as a manager because he worked so well. Suddenly, a month ago, we discover that he is no longer working there and is now working as a cook again for minimum wage. They got evicted from their apartment. I found out that they were living at a motel. My daughter called me and stated that she didn't have the money to stay at the motel and needed a place to stay or money. I told her that I would take the kids until she figured out what to do. I kept the kids for 3 days because she had no place to keep the kids.

Now, she is staying with her mother-in-law until Monday, in which they have to be out. I have been in touch with her mother-in-law and she knows that when she kicks the kids out (because she has to have surgery and she cannot be waiting on my daughter hand and foot) I will be more than happy to take the kids. So, the children will not be homeless.

Here is my problem, the investigator gave both parents several days to take urine drug tests! My son-in-law passed his, even though he smokes pots daily and he has admitted to me that he takes a lot of my daughter's Vicodin. He was given extra days to take his test because of his work schedule. My daughter's test "got lost" according to CPS. The investigator called my daughter at her mother-in-law's house and said she was on her way over to give her a drug test. (She was going to swab her mouth.) My daughter claimed that she was on her way out to clean houses as that is what she did for a living. The truth that she told her mother-in-law was that she could NOT take that drug test. My daughter told me that she took it the next day. The problem is, if my daughter went to a lab, how do they know it is her who is taking it since she has NO ID. She spends all her time and money on drugs and therefore could not renew her driver's license several years ago. We've tried to get her to retake the test and have even offered to pay to have her do it. But, she is always too busy.

My concern at this point is my 5 yr old granddaughter and 3 1/2 year old grandson. He is only saying 1 and 2 word utterances. He has nearly stopped breathing several times and I suspect asthma, but my daughter will not take him to the doctor. He has severe eczema. The kids don't get their teeth brushed and my granddaughter does not go to bed before midnight on school nights. She is beginning to have behavior problems.

How to I push CPS to not give my daughter time to take drug tests, how do I get them to give hair follicle tests when these kids know how to cheat the urine test, and how do I get them to STOP warning them when they are coming for an inspection? Also, the investigator told my daughter's mother-in-law that she's been talking to me, which is a breach of confidentiality!!! I lied to her and told her that I hadn't heard from CPS and that's when my daughter's mother-in-law told me that the investigator told her that she has been talking to me. Now, I don't know if she was told who turned it in or what. Can I do anything about this breach of confidentiality?

Sorry to ramble but I am frustrated and scared for my grandkids. We are VERY close. The school of my granddaughter is concerned too but cannot get my daughter to talk to them.
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Re: If you suspect child abuse report it @

Postby rebellious » Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:28 pm

I don't know about the laws in the US (im from europe) but what about police?
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Re: If you suspect child abuse report it @

Postby InterestedObserver » Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:18 am

As a victim of child sexual abuse myself, it continues to amaze me quite how many paedophiles sit there in the public eye, seemingly immune to prosecution because of their power and status. As a victim of bullying by journalists, I am constantly talking about what happened to me - perhaps too much. As a result, maybe through divine intervention or just coincidence, I recently heard a horrendous story of the sexual abuse of a girl, who from the age of 5 years old, was systematically raped by the same 'respected' journalist in Australia -
*Edited*. This revolting little man destroyed her life remorselessly, using all of the usual techniques to keep her quiet. She is now verging on suicide yet is too scared to take action because she fears his power and status (as well as the usual self-blame we suffer). I have written to the *Edited* about it, but doubt anything will be done.... He's not the first paedophile to grace our screens from that TV station and I doubt he'll be the last. I just wonder whether the *Edited* is a paedophile ring or something. Surely this is not the first time someone has spoken out about him....?
Either way it disgusts me and I plan to continue pursuing this matter on her behalf until that filthy, intellectually defunct pervert is removed from his job. At some point we victims need to start fighting back. If we don't, we risk allowing what we have suffered to continue on with some other hapless victim and we will never receive the justice we deserve.
As for *Edited*, I hope he suffers an agonising death and is revealed for the sick b*stard he is. Anyway, if anyone else here has been sexually abused by *Edited* please speak up. Our power is in numbers...
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