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Menopause and psychosis

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Menopause and psychosis

Postby KitMcDaydream » Tue May 21, 2019 7:05 pm

Does anyone know if being in the menopause (peri-menopause) can trigger much worse symptoms than you ever had before?...like a brief psychotic disorder?

I've always had anxiety and used 'personas' to function in the real world (I have autism dx years ago).
However these last few years I've seemed to think I had multiple alters inside me and sensory issues I'd managed to get under control in adulthood to achieve college and work etc have become more intense again like when I was a child. I've become severely agoraphobic and haven't been out socially for years cos I find I've no tolerance to cope with people, crowds, too many sounds etc. I'm nearly 50. (can cope with walking the dog if I go in early hours of morning when no-one else is about)

A best friend has also became an enemy in my mind over the last few years. These symptoms also seem to start after my elderly dog died and I just thought it was grief and depression and would ease off eventually. Then made the mistake of having a session with an animal communicator who told me my dog would reincarnate and come back to me, when she still didn't after 3 years I started to believe it was because she had instead swapped souls with my other dog, who was still young when she passed away. Is this just a grief thing and a comfort like some people believe in god,angels or is it delusional?


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