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Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation, and psychosis

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Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation, and psychosis

Postby Angelofmercy » Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:34 am

Hi. I too have a lot of anxiety....in fact, because I was so incredibly anxious re: a new job, I walked into, that was so horribly understaffed, my anxiety level was the highest I can ever remember it being. I ended up with severe sleep deprivation, and I ended up in a delusional, psychotic way, and ended up in the hospital, and of course lost that job. I was so anxious I only slept 2-3 hours a night for 3 weeks, and before I got psychotic, I didn't close my eyes for 5 days straight, and continued to work. Luckily my daughter and son-in-aw live with me, and got me to the hospital. I was in the hospital for about 9 days.
My issue is that no one around will order Benzos for any reason. I know people abuse them, but if I had been able to take something to calm myself down, and actually get some sleep, I could have made better decisions, and would have gotten out of there quicker, when I saw what a mess the job really was. I had told my bosses, that what they were asking me to do was dangerous, and I didn't want to lose my license (I'm a nurse). There is just no way to safely take care of the amount of residents, they were telling me to do.
I don't know how to tell my psychiatrist that I really do need at least a "as needed" script, because she is so against it. Has anyone ever taken anything for anxiety that isn't a controlled substance, and did it work? Just wondering and looking for answers.
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Re: Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation, and psychosis

Postby SBBro » Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:05 pm

Otc codeine and some alcohol while your shrink figures out what's wrong with you.

Temazapam is another option but can worsen anxiety in some cases.

15mg codeine and 10ml vodka is the sbbro prescription.
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Re: Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation, and psychosis

Postby ornithine » Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:29 am

I became a severe insomniac with panic attacks and anxiety that woke me just as I was dropping of to sleep. I had jealous and persecutory delusional beliefs.

I can only speak for myself, but in my case the prescription medication was very poor. It left me feeling very ill still, but with deadened feelings and brain fog and I became stiff limbed. But I got better from most of the psychosis and anxiety and panic within 24 hours of taking a B-group supplement (Blackmore's executive stress).

I think that there are rare cases of psychosis that are vitamin responsive. I am confident of this because this is my experience. You might be lucky, like me. Only try this under the supervision of your doctor.
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Re: Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation, and psychosis

Postby AnyMouse » Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:11 am

Wow, SBBro... Listen dude, I totally understand that you are coming from a place of good intent but advising someone to mix a narcotic with alcohol is... kind of... 'ill advised." I'll just leave it at that.

So, with that being said, St. John's Wort is said to be an effective herbal remedy for anxiety, and I personally know that niacin supplements are good for delusions and anxiety. Granted, taking large amounts of niacin will cause some weird physical symptoms like "hot" or itching skin and rapid heart rate, but that's just because you'll be experiencing a B-vitamin rush. These things might help you until you are able to find a prescriber that will give you a benzo of some kind.

Personally, I am in the same boat as you. I had a brief psychotic disorder this time a year ago. Since then I was put on olanzapine which I do not recommend for anyone (just look up the side effects and you might understand why), and fluoxetine which is so-so for me personally though it might benefit other people.

Other than maybe getting on another SSRI like fluoxetine or celexa, I also want to find a psych that will prescribe a benzo. I used to take lorazepam and that helped me immensely. I stopped taking that because I ran out of the prescription and instead I stupidly started taking my parent's xanax (albeit very rarely) if I was having a panic attack. The effects of both of these benzos were tremendous against an oncoming panic attack, and actually helped me see past some of the ensuing delusions. I would actually be able to get some sleep, too, after taking a .5mg xanax or lorazepam. Granted, on days that I take a benzo of any kind I would be extremely cautious about my alcohol consumption which is probably the biggest risk that your psychiatrist is considering. People drink, and people drink often. Sometimes, people do stupid things and mix benzos with alcohol and ultimately wind up in the hospital.

I mean... yeah, I know that it's available for people who experience anxiety... but why the hell are they not giving it to those people who actually need it just because of some cautionary biased that anyone and everyone who takes it will immediately become dependent/addicted and abuse it? They may as well just take it off the flippin' market, if that's really how it's being treated. I see nothing wrong with taking a .5 or 1mg xanax as often as once a week - if of course I am experiencing panic attacks that often (which I most certainly am).

Lastly, it's important to realize that people with brief psychotic disorders like us can actually stimulate another episode simply by fearing that it might happen again. It's kind of a catch 22, because the fear of it and even focusing on it makes it that much more likely to happen again. So, I would suggest maybe talking to a therapist first and foremost (if you are not already). Maybe after a couple of sessions your therapist will be able to substantiate your need for a benzo that you can take to a psychiatrist.
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Re: Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation, and psychosis

Postby Aaron321 » Thu Sep 17, 2015 4:46 am

In my area they will give benzos but for me it seemed like an either or thing. Like either benzos or a less sedating anxiety treatment like ssri or what have you. If I was on benzos they expected me to take them throughout the day. I know someone who is on them as needed though.

For sleep there are sleeping drugs. I know benzos are great for sleep but there are several sleeping drugs that knock you out all night long and even last into the next day.
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