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What the hell is this ?

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What the hell is this ?

Postby RainbowButterfly » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:01 pm


So here's my story. During the last months of the last year, I started smoking weed. After a while I notice I had inaudible voices. First it wasn't alarming though it felt strange but then thiese voices began to be insidiously malovelent. A night I climbed to the roof-top and saw that a the smoke rising from a chimney made a Blue Eyes White dragon shape (from yu-gi-oh !) It was so amazing. I thought that I was the son of God, and that smoke and clouds drew shapes of figures I was deeply connected to. But then, the voices started pushing my buttons, bringing up from my old memorie very painful memories of bullying and persectuion I had dealt with when I was a child. They used against me so that I felt that actually God was with them. It felt horrible. I felt helpless. then I started to have crazy recent memories. One of the most important one was a day when I went to visit my aunt. I lay next to my cousin and then at the television appeard an old man next a little girl dressing in a white dress. I turned my head an looked at the television, and when I saw the girl I said 'what a $#%^'. then the old man held the microphone to the girl and told her" He (he knew my name) called you raca). I was astonished. Then I looked at my cousin and told her whether they talked about me actually. She said that she was conspiring against me.

The crazy thing is I don't remember what happened next. According to this memories it should have happened 2 yers ago, but my cousin nor my aunt have no memorie of this happening. And til today my relationship with them is still normal. But before I got thiese memories I just dealt with them normal, having no clue it happend.

I am more scared that this is true than it could be just a mental illness.

Please if anyone knows what kind of delusion this could be, tell me. Thanks in advance
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Re: What the hell is this ?

Postby ashc » Thu Sep 18, 2014 3:13 am

Weed is a hallucinagen. Perhaps you are sensitive to this class of drugs. Stop smoking weed and see what happens.
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