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10 years sober: relapse question

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10 years sober: relapse question

Postby Tonyontime » Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:00 am

I've asked many people this question. My brother was on meth and heroine for 15+ years. He relapsed last week after stresses he could not cope with got to him, a job(85k/year) he hated, coming home to an emotionally unavailable with wife who went to alcohol when she quit her job 5 years ago to take care of their new child who is now 6, with his three kids all by that same woman who dealt with the same addiction problems he dealt with since he they were kids, 2 teenage boys. Stresses from all sides, he relapsed last week. Last night he set himself on fire and jumped off their one story house on an already broken ankle, then went to putting cigarettes out on himself.

We are a supportive family. I'm 25 getting my masters in geology. He's 43. And I can't understand why someone would light themselves on fire and be so destructive. It's not a suicide attempt. I think he is begging for help.
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Re: 10 years sober: relapse question

Postby ashc » Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:46 am

Had he been using (meth) at the time? Well, had he used meth in the past week or so? Meth and amphetamines have the worst "come down" of any drug known to mankind. Amphetamines are BAD, but meth? Lol. Terrriibbllleeee come down. It causes more depression than any drug out there.

He seems a bit psychotic though. There's gotta be a better way to hurt or kill yourself than setting yourself on fire. Jumping from a high place makes sense for many reasons. Of course, he needs help, but it could definitely be drug related. Take him off the drugs, and you will see his personality change. He'll probably stillbe different, but he won't be like he was on meth.

Meth is a terrible drug. I hate to be so frank, but good luck if he's using meth. Meth is the devil's drug. Nothing more destructive yet, and this isn't a matter of opinion. Pray. That's all you can do for someone with that habit.
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Re: 10 years sober: relapse question

Postby SBBro » Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:00 pm

Whatever his problem is, suicidal or not he needs dbt. He sounds like he might be a high functioning borderline.

He should get off meth and on to wellbutrin or zoloft. Then do dbt THEN of the heroin but that's only my opinion based on the brief things you mentioned about him.
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